Is Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 turning our children into magic-crazed maniacs?

A hard-hitting exposé of this fall's most dangerous video game. It could be in your home right now and you wouldn't even know.

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THR1LLHOUSE2493d ago

Well, that does it. I'm terrified. How do I contact my congressman so I can tell him to take magic away from kids so they don't explode me into Lego pieces?

NukaCola2493d ago

Not sure if article is serious...

...Or just mad there's no Lego Lord of the Rings

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I think these games are outstanding. The first LEGO HP is my favorite Lego game. It's beautiful and brilliant.

NagaSotuva2493d ago

The Harry Potter universe is too scary. I'm glad I grew up watching Predator and Aliens as a child.

SybaRat2493d ago


NoobJobz2493d ago

I was going to buy this for my sons 15th birthday but from reading this article it seems he is too young to play. I will wait until he is 18.

UltimateIdiot9112493d ago

Looks like they discover the next murder sim.

Sadie21002493d ago

Is it murder when it's magical?

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