Motorstorm RC Announced for PS Vita and PSN

Playstation Blog: I’m delighted to be able to announce – and show a trailer for – MotorStorm RC, Evolution Studios’ upcoming radio controlled off-road racing game for PS Vita and PlayStation Network. It was also announced literally moments ago on stage – so it’s absolutely hot off the press!
You can watch first video of MotorStorm RC in action here.

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remanutd552498d ago

Little LUNATICS Unite !!! lol , cant freaking wait , now vita is surely a buy from me

darthv722498d ago

has there been an RC game to hold my interest. Even Revolt was good but i kept going back to the NES classic.

This looks to good to pass up.

MastaMold2498d ago

Pay once & get both nice! :)

jdfoster2498d ago

Unit 13 also looks promising!

MasterCornholio2498d ago

Looks very cool. I live it when new games get announced for the Vita.


grailly2498d ago

I'm a big motorstorm fan, and this, did NOT get me exited

Sevir042498d ago

Glad to see them on the VITA!!!! LOL Remote controlled! This is awesome actually and the graphics hold up well on the Vita!!! Amazing Line up of original games! Vita's got my money!!!

Ddouble2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

2 games in one package and a Motorstorm game at that. Oh I'm definitely in. Doesn't look good as the previous MS but looks good enough.

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The story is too old to be commented.