What Should be Next: For Downloadable Content

Joel Taveras writes, "['What Should Be Next' is weekly column where I examine and discuss certain trends, franchises, genres and ideas in the gaming industry, and where they should be headed.]

When people look back at the current generation of consoles, I believe the one thing that will remembered even more so than the games themselves, will be the flourishing of downloadable content. On paper, DLC reads like a gamer’s dream come true; more content to enjoy from your favorite game — awesome. But the reality is that publishers have figured out how to nickel and dime people, and well, since then its all gone to hell."

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bumnut2527d ago

I hope DLC on release day is scrapped, if its ready on release day put it in the game!


My thing with DLC is that I feel there parts of the full game they took out to make more money off of it. I miss button codes.