Eidos and GameSpot forums exploding over Gerstmann incident

Although GameSpot and publisher Eidos have not yet made public statements over what led to the firing of GameSpot's Editorial Director Jeff Gertsmann, the accusation of publisher pressure is exploding all over the companies' forums. GameSpot currently has numerous threads on the incident, with one thread in particular having thousands of posts. Eidos has taken a different approach, locking down all threads on their site after apparently purging derogatory posts from thousands of angry gamers reacting to the rumor yesterday night.

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Fighter3826d ago

What other games were given better ratings because of lucrative endorsements. This goes for all the other sites as well.

TOM3826d ago

I absolutely agree. ALL reviews form this site now come into question.With so many sites that give out game news,hter is NO REASON for me to ever visit their site again.And to tell the truth ,nothing they do will help me trust them again. After all,I played the game and a 6 rating in accurate.

skillshot3826d ago

I have noticed recently (a few months) that Gamespots reviews seem weird. I've always loved the site in the past, but theres always things like 'Pros: Brilliant game play, very fun. Cons: zooming is fiddly. Verdict: 6/10'. By that I mean, they take trivial addons and rate the game lower because of it, as if the game would get a better rating if it took out an optional feature.

Gamers should band together and refuse to buy games that have forced good reviews upon reviewers.

gamesR4fun3826d ago

but no matter how many post they delete gamers know whats what.

MK_Red3826d ago

Good comment Cheech. Now all sites are under question because there have been many big ad campaigns in many of big sites including IGN and others.
I indeed wonder how many times the publisher pressure has changed the scores...

TheHater3826d ago

From gamespot. I have to say all the games that feature full on ads on their sites have been influence by that company to give a good review to their game. I could name a few games that come to mind, but I will just start a flame war. I really don't like those flame wars.

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General Pinky3826d ago

Man.. i was a menber at gamespot for a good 4 years now if not more..and let me tell you Mr Gerstmann going, is not a good news..he was the best in every show they s*cks..
I hate Eidos..they s**k balls

PS360WII3826d ago

yea pretty crazy if ture. I'm sure Eidos had to close some of those threads for I'm sure there were plenty of slandering topics and statements. I think it's nearly impossible to have a civil argument with most gamers. Still doesn't look good though

gamesblow3826d ago

I won't ever buy an Eidos game... Well, I never have but that's just beside the point. I really won't now... and I don't even care about Jeff, Gamespot or the situation. I just hate Eidos, Ubi-soft, THQ, EA sports and a whole host of other devs so I always look for easy outs.

marinelife93826d ago

I'll buy an Eidos game as long as it's not Tomb Raider and it's decent. However I won't be visiting Gamespot anytime soon.

WilliamRLBaker3826d ago

im too busy laughing my ass off at all parties involved to pay attention!

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