Consumer Reports: Microsoft is Nice, GameStop is Naughty

Uh oh! Looks like one popular games retailer may be getting a lump of coal in its stocking this Christmas.

Consumer Reports has released its 2011 Naughty & Nice Holiday List. First introduced last year, the list examines various companies’ shopping policies and gives them a thumbs up or thumbs down depending on how consumer friendly they are. Consumer Reports notes that the list merely comments on specific policies, not “everything else the company does or how it treats its customers.”

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klecser2578d ago

None of the Nice or Naughty surprise me. I avoid most of the Naughty companies like the plague and only shop at Gamestop out of necessity.

gamingdroid2578d ago

Look at that, I buy Microsoft products, shop at Costco and, while have an American Express card.

Those are go to... while the avoid list gets none of my business!

princejb1342578d ago

i like how radioshack is on the naughty list
i guess this explains why that company is about to become bankrupt soon also

gypsygib2578d ago

Gamestop should be like a bar and only hire attractive women, then people would love gamestop.

Noticeably_FAT2578d ago

Nice to see Microsoft get props again, though I never trade in games at Gamestop, I like their rewards programs and their buy 2 get 1 free deals.

kevnb2578d ago

microsoft is nice now?

Goozex2578d ago

Sure, with the right moolah.

Goozex2578d ago

Lol, how much Did m$ convince consumer reports to slip them in the 'nice' section?

gnb20032578d ago

More than Sony did?

I kid, I kid.

Focus2578d ago

Maybe consumers consider not letting some low life hacker get access to their personal details nice.
What? Don't look at me like that, I said maybe.
This site is so retarded, what exactly has microsoft done this year to make you imply that they need to buy people to say they are nice? I'll wait.

BitbyDeath2577d ago

Here's one of the evil things that came out from them this year -

"Xbox Europe boss Chris Lewis explained that Microsoft policy states that non-exclusive titles have to launch at exactly the same time, and with exactly the same content, as the versions for other platforms, if they don't, Microsoft can decide to simply not release them."


And lets not forget about all the things Steve Jobs revealed about them before he died this year.

It goes on and on. MS usually like to cheat to win, it is just who they are.

Apocalypse Shadow2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )


starts with M and ends with $


Focus2578d ago

starts with: that was

death2smoochie2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

"Lol, how much Did m$ convince consumer reports to slip them in the 'nice' section?"

...about the same as Sony did give or take a few dollars because Sony is still in financial restructure LOL...

Remember this is N4G.COM...

M$ is viewed as pure EVIL on this site and Sony are viewed as Mother Teresa with a mix of Ghandi and Jesus with a splash of Mohammad and the main character in the Green Mile for added measure as the holy cherry on top.
Anything else said is blasphemy on this site.
You have been warned...........

It is reference not to Tom Hanks....

GarandShooter2577d ago

What does Tom Hanks' character in the Green Mile have to do with this?

Now if you had said Michael Clarke Duncan's character it may have made a little sense...

Nah, probably not...

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gypsygib2578d ago

I can understand why gamestop employees aren't that nice.

It must be hard actually coming face-to-face with all the trolls that most people only experience on the internet.

Hicken2577d ago

Extremely. And it's not like we get paid much for the hassle, either. AND corporate is dumb as shit.

I invite everyone to AT LEAST write letters to GameStop saying they don't want to buy opened copies of games because corporate decided we should have FOUR of them out on the shelf.

No, really. No matter what game it is or how many copies we have, they want four actual cases from new games on the shelf.

Godchild10202577d ago

I work at gamestop and we just use the boxart from the marketing kit. We only put one game case on the wall for each game and console, not four. Each GameStop is different, I guess.

Hicken2577d ago

Usually, it'd be just one... except that they wanted two for the top 20 new games. Now they want four cases for everything on the new wall, and four for everything in the "New Release" section, which often means we have to use actual cases or face consequences.

Godchild10202577d ago

For the prep for Black friday? We had to do that, but we had a lot of boxarts from the previous marking kit(s), so we used those and not actual cases.