PC Perspective: Initial PS3 observations

Part 2 from Nic of detailing his adventures making the jump to consoles after years of gaming on PC.

In my previous article I informed the world that I, Nicholas James Furlong would be purchasing a PS3. Being a lifelong PC gamer I was a little scared and even a little unsure of whether or not I was up to this daunting task. I would be risking everything doing this. Ridicule from my fellow PC Gamers...

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NYC_Gamer2554d ago

now you can enjoy both worlds of gaming

pangitkqb2554d ago

I'm currently rocking a PC/PS3 combo myself. It's great.

ATi_Elite2554d ago

If you have a Gaming PC then you already have a built in Wii. From time to time i'll pop in a Wii title like the upcoming Skyward Sword or Metroid titles but for the most part.....

I'm a dedicated hardcore PC Gamer. I mostly play PC Exclusives as console titles no longer provide the experience in gaming that i'm looking for.

Current playlist:
Battlefield 3
Nuclear Dawn
Take On Helicopters
Red Orchestra 2
Dawn of War II

nicfurlong2554d ago

double the fun, double the frustration! lol

kevnb2554d ago

ya the ps3 isnt a bad console, too bad the third party support is sometimes in the shitter :(.

Saryk2554d ago

I bought a Xbox 360 and a PS3, both gathered dust and are sold. The only way I would go console is a mouse and keyboard and RTS games, plus the freedom I have on my PC.

fredolopez2553d ago

what's always made me wanna try pc gaming is the internet connection, i bet it's like no other!!