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GamesRadar writes: "Jurassic Park: The Game is unlike anything we’ve ever played before. Calling it “Heavy Rain with dinosaurs” is a disservice to both it and Heavy Rain – despite relying on quick time events, it’s actually pretty far from Heavy Rain. A closer approximation would be “Heavy Rain and Dragon’s Lair with dinosaurs,” but even that is oversimplifying things. Instead, imagine this: you’re the director of a Jurassic Park film, and you’re in control of all of the actors and actresses. They’ll move when you tell them to and say what you want them to, but it’s never going to go too far off the script, and you’re never in complete control. You’re just directing whoever needs to be directed for that scene to move forward, even if it means jumping between three to four different characters at any given time.

Oh, and the dinosaurs? They’re also a part of the movie, but they’re not going to follow your orders, so you need to get your actors to act around them, or else, they’ll b...

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