Console Themes: Xbox 360 vs. PS3

Both the Xbox 360 and PS3 now offer users the ability to buy, download, or customize their Dashboard/XMB themes in some way. But whose implementation is better? Loot Ninja decided to analyze the ins and outs of customizing your theme on both systems and see who comes out on top.

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Killjoy30003916d ago

yeah the ps3 themes are awesome. and i dont know if the editor knows this but with most themes the wallpaper changes every time you exit a game or turn on your ps3. its wicked cool. and wow i cant believe microsoft would try to SELL themes. i mean wtf theyre themes lol greedy fu*king douche bags.

marinelife93916d ago

I didn't know MS charged for the themes. Dont' they offer some themes for free as well? At least your still able to make your own on the 360.

There are some pretty awesome PS3 themes out there start downloading them if you haven't already. I really like the openess of the PS3 system. It really makes it feel like it's your own like a PC.

Leathersoup3915d ago

It's too bad not everyone is capable of clean concise commenting.

fredy3916d ago

no doubt about it. MS stop charging for stupid sh#t.

Blackmoses3916d ago

I had no idea that they charged people for that. I thought that was rather humorous.

Nice Microsoft...Nice!

Fighter3916d ago

They are so rich yet they charge you $2 for themes and $50 for online.

FunnyBone3915d ago

I use both my game systems for PLAYING games..Yes themes are nice but come on.....Now we are comparing Themes... Pretty sad...
If thats the case My controller is bigger and heavier than yours.....

Yes Ms Does charge for themes..It's your choice if it means that much to you then you can purchase them if not then you dont...Also most TV,movies,etc themes are free from MS...

NEWSFLASH:Sony is just as greedy...

How greedy can any company be...THEY ALL ARE.....

socomnick3915d ago

yo idiot its not Microsoft that charges its the developers and the publishers. People like ea and activision that have like 10 themes for one game.

FunnyBone3915d ago

Ms does make money off of every theme...Yo idiot,That was not my point to the reply...I guess you are a little kid that gets off calling people idiots on the internet...
It's funny,Because im 99% sure if you were talking to me in a normal conversation you would not just bust out with "Yo Idiot..If so you would probably not be saying ANYTHING for a week or 2....Typical internet toughguy....

Maddens Raiders3916d ago

The PS3 wins this blindfolded and handcuffed - it's no contest.

consolewar3915d ago

the war is over. YEAAHHHHHH