[Complex Magazine] Review: Big Stars Align For "WWE '12," But Problems Remain

The biggest star in WWE is still the Rock.

Think about that for a few minutes. Yeah, yeah, the man on the cover of THQ’s WWE ‘12 is Randy Orton, but Dwayne Johnson, nearly a decade removed from full-time wrestling, is still the most iconic wrestler on the planet. And that’s why, some way, some how, he had to find his way into this game.

Yukes’ rebranded WWE video game gives us much of what we’ve come to expect from the franchise, meaning ridiculously deep creation and customization options, painstakingly recreated entrance videos for all wrestlers, and a few bugs and glitches here and there.

But this year, the developer does one better, rescuing the pixelated game from its real-life self and injecting old-time star power into a league that’s sorely lacking true icons. The result isn’t quite perfection, but it’s another step in the right direction for a series that’s long been filled with ups and downs. What exactly does that entail? We delve into that in our review that continues.

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ssb31732549d ago

This looks to be a decent wrestling game in a long time