Xbox Dashboard Update Will be Available On December 6th For Xbox Live users

Check out this new update from Microsoft for XBL.

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illtownNJONE2576d ago

I can't wait for the apps

FACTUAL evidence2576d ago

Wow....this makes me so damn mad/happy. My main console I use is my ps3, and I love my 360 features. It makes me sad that ps3 is 5 years old and still struggles to put stuff in like this. I know this is probably irrelevant, but I hope sony's online next gen comes out as decent as xbl.

Sometimes I think Sony had firmware on their system just to remove stuff they original had on their console. Sorry for the rant but I had to get it off my chest. On topic though, I can't wait for this update! Microsoft continues to satisfy with a nice yearly update.

Excalibur2576d ago

I've been in the beta for a few weeks now and it's a big improvement over you is currently available.

gamingdroid2576d ago

It's coming...

Like always MS customizes every app for Xbox Live so some apps are little later than others. Example of this is Netflix. It has completely different interface than the vanilla one you get on every other device (including Wii and PS3). It has additional features and must I say, way awesome!

More on that here:


Focus2576d ago

I like features being added to my console

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