Five Series In Need Of A Rest

Videogame series that are in dire need of a year at the drawing board…

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Kran2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

I am gobsmacked.

Assassin's Creed has had 4 games... hardly many.

Final Fantasy has had more games than you can count so im surprised that isn't on the list.

FIFA is an annual game because it fits well with the season.

Need for Speed.... meh.

Tiger? Meh.


Mykky2580d ago

The main games in Final Fantasy does not come out every year and is different in it's own way, so I can't see it needing a rest.
Assassin's Creed has been the same games over and over at least number 2, brotherhood and revelations. The story is different but the gameplay and formula is the same, at least I got a bit bored of it. I'm buying Revelations later on though.

But I agree with u on COD. It's worse in repeating itself than AC if you ask me.

Need for Speed also needs a brake to get things sorted out and get the franchise on the right track.

Focus2580d ago

The leap from Assassin's Creed 1 to 2 floored me completely, it was the biggest improvement I'd ever seen and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Brotherhood is somewhat of a let down for me, I just bought it and expected the same improvement I suppose. Revelations seems to be the worst one since the original and I can't help but wonder if a 2 year dev circle might help matters.
Fifa should not retail for full price each year, plain and simple. In fact they should just sell expansion packs every year via dlc or disc em those without high speed internet. Or at least alternate the expansion with a new game on a yearly basis.
Fifa 12 - 2011
Fifa 13 (expansion that requires fifa 12) - 2012
Fifa 14 - 2013
Fifa 15 (expansion that requires fifa 14) - 2014 and so on.
Need for Speed. Lol. Hot Pursuit released end of last year, Shift 2 beginning of this year and now The Run. Thats 3 games in the space of 12 months.
People crap all over CoD for yearly releases but 3 games in 12 months?? EA gets a free pass for what exactly?

NukaCola2580d ago

Final Fantasy is just a name. Each game is different and unique in it's own way. In all honest, no 2 final fantasy games play the same, there is always something different in them. I think of the RPG series, I would like Kingdom Hearts to stop with all the side games and get to the main KH3.

Assassin's Creed is a stellar game, and I would be happy to see it end on AC3 with a good closure on Desmond.

With Mario games: I don't care. Yes, Mario is overused in the Nintendo world, but it's their front runner, their Mickey Mouse. I think I would like to see more Nintendo titles do what Smash Bros did, and that is to include other Nintty franchises. Why can't Zelda be in a Kart Racer, or Samus in a sports game? The repetative releases are why I don't buy those types of games and why I was disappointed with titles like Mario Party 7.

Really, other than sports titles, the majority of games out there are very fresh. MS is over killing with Halo, and Sony with Ratchet..But in all honesty there aren't too many milked franchises out there.

OH EXCEPT: Call of Duy. There I have to say enough is enough with the games. No innovation, same engine, same online issues, it's milked. If it atcually improved in any way, I wouldn't complain but it doesn't.

princejb1342580d ago

as much as i love assassins creed, i agree with focus, AS1 leap to 2 was amazing
but after that that just added a few extra features like a new maps
i got brotherhood but i think I'm skipping revelations, they are starting to seem to similar, reminding me of another franchise hmmm

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zeal0us2580d ago

I would say something about mario but I bet time I come back I will rape by disagrees.

NFS don't need to die it just need to be fix, EA need to go back to the drawing board or just listen to your fanbase ffs

Kran2580d ago

Don't be scared to admit Mario. Everybody knows Mario needs a break.

Don't think Zelda needs one as pretty much every game is great (So i'm told) and that it's not released every year. More every 1-2 years.

Ezetta2580d ago

No Call of Duty? You're joking, right?

ironfist922580d ago

AC doesnt deserve first place. Yes its had 3 yearly released, but each game has been better than the last.

However, I would love it if Ubisoft gave the franchise a rest after AC3, and create a new story arc for next gen.