Rage Demo Hits XBLA a Little Late

Pixels or Death looks at the late release of the Rage demo, why Id chose to do it, and what it means about the current methods of pre-release ad campaigning.

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patrickwlindsey2583d ago

I guess they're hoping to cash in on the Christmas wish list rush. It's a shame because it really is a beautiful game.

darthv722583d ago

not for me. I dont usually buy games right when they come out so I really appreciate it when a demo is available. It gives me the chance to try before i buy.

To those who bought this on the hype and were let down. I feel for you which is why I will demo this for myself and formulate my own conclusion.

EliteAssass1n2583d ago

looks like it didn't sell as well as they had hoped.

cochise3132583d ago

great game but they should have hired a script writer.

Dread2583d ago

this game was a major let down for me. I love ID and i admit the graphics were spectacular, but the game seemed uninspired, the story was trite,its replay value near zero, and it was way too short.

Unfortunately, i would recommend it only as a rental. Anyone want to buy my copy?

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