Deeds: HD-DVD vs. Blu-ray: Is now the time to buy?

Idaho Statesman writes:

"More than a year after I first pondered HD-DVD and Blu-ray players, I'm back just in time for the holidays to write the same column.
My advice last time: "Do. Not. Buy One. Yet."

My advice this time?

Do. Not. Buy. One. Maybe.

It hurts to say it. I want one. Bad. But the battle between HD-DVD and Blu-ray - similar to the ol' VHS and Beta debate - is nowhere close to over.

And I hate wasting money."

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Multigamer3915d ago

depends on the indervidual

marinelife93915d ago

I have a suggestion. Figure out which movies you really want to see in hi def and then buy the appropriate player to watch them on.

Blu-Ray Exclusives

Spiderman series
Pirates of the Carribean series
Die Hard Series
Casino Royale
The Simpsons Movie
Fantastic Four
310 to Yuma
Prison Break TV Show
Lost TV Show
Rush Hour 3

HD-DVD Exclusive

Bourne Series
Battlestar Galactica TV Show
Heroes TV Show
Evan Almighty
King Kong
Old School
Star Trek TV Show
Knocked Up

ruibing3915d ago

The Blu Ray is leading by more and more with every single week. Whatever sales HD-DVD is achieving standalone players, Blu Ray will match that several folds with PS3s. And people who own PS3 do/will buy Blu Ray movies, in fact they all really just need to buy one or two to completely lead HD-DVD in the dust in terms of software sales.

mikeslemonade3915d ago

Why is this even a question? A PS3 for $400 or the HD-A3 for $300? It's obvious buy the PS3 unless you hate games and is embarassed to have a game system in the house, but the PS3 is a pretty sophisticated system.

Bladestar3915d ago

lol... I think every major tech source agrees that the format war is far from over... only Sony fanboys were led to believe that a format war would last months.. when in reality every format war last up to a decade... specially this one that requires people to buy the entire entertainment set... TV, Players and sound system...

shmee3915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

only XBOTS like you think otherwise. even at 98$ no one is buying HD DVD players/discs

SAMSUNG/SONY/SHARP/MITSUBISHI /PIONEER are all offering BD players with the purchase of a new TV . none of the Japanese giants except Toshiba themselves are even making HD DVD players.

anyone who thinks that format war is not over is an XBOT

same will go to console war next year

deeznuts3915d ago

2 to 1 in america, 9 to 1 in Japan, 4 to 1 in Europe. It isn't over but it isn't close either.

HarryEtTubMan3915d ago

Sorry fanboys.. you've been losing for a long time and its gettingworse. The PS3 has FULL INDUSTRY SUPPORT..

72% to 27% and MORE everyhwhere in the world? GET REAL WITH URSELF AND COME BACK TO REALITY. hddvd WILL NEVER outsell Blu Ray. It is going to be the International format... soon, later... whatever it may be. Blu Ray has won... HDDVD players went from 400$ to 99$ in well under 2 months. NO COMPANY can afford this. Espcically for a long time getting beat this bad. PS3's are getting put in Blockbusters. Blu Ray now gets easily 3/4 of HD space and will continue to grow. LOL It's over desperate fanboys. Your articles can't beat the PS3 and the whole industry.

scrillakiller3915d ago

buy bluray hats the bottom line.actully im going to get a movie today

YoMeViet3915d ago

A 72% to 27% ratio and still they think they can win. Dragging this out is pointless and dumb. It'll take a miracle for HD-DVD to win. World-wide numbers speak for themselves so why drag it out. The longer they drag it out the larger the gap between them becomes.

There's a time to fight but there's a time to retreat and fight another battle.

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