The Response To PETA From Mario We've Been Waiting For

GR: To say Mario harms animals is to say that the princess is in another castle. Oh, wait!

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NukaCola2579d ago

God bless Dorkly. That is epic. I can't wait to see PETA's reaction now!

Laxman2579d ago

I honestly dont think they will react seeing as this isnt from Nintendo in any way, just some guy. If it was an official response/video, then yeah, PETA would be up in arms... That would be hilarious.

BigWoopMagazine2579d ago

Heh, well this is pretty much what I was thinking about when PETA got in a huff... it took them 20 years to notice, and that's the example they picked of all the things? Ohhh PETA, you stretch yourself thin now that you can't participate in terrorism anymore without actually being called out for it.

insomnium22579d ago

AAAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's effing priceless. Good job!

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