How Skyrim Can Fix Vampirism

The prospect of becoming a Vampire in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one that players tend to avoid. This is largely due to how Bethesda's has made being a creature of the night completely unappealing. Rather than making the experience challenging and rewarding, playing as a vampire often feels akin to some sort of punishment or arduous task. Yet, it would only take a few simple changes to make vampirism an attractive feature for Skyrim players.

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D3mons0ul2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

Totally agree with everything stated here.

Also, wearing a hood during the day should negate the sun's debuffs....but it doesn't.

J86blum2580d ago

I agree I tried Vamp in IV and hated it, but the perks of the werewolf is just great no real downside least for my character.

Tony P2580d ago

I didn't enjoy playing as a vampire in Morrowind, but so far it's been the best experience.

Overall though, TES has never really put any real thought into Vampirism as evidenced by the lack of quests and things to do as one.

Allowen2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

But the idea is to make the game more challenging and harder to play.

I played Oblivion quite a few times bettewn PC and PS3 versions and I always choosed to became a vampire and keep it always at 100% to make things even more fun (harder almnost as a Dark Souls game)
Was fun as hell to be a vamp and have astronach (no mana regen) trait.

The only problem of vampirism in oblivion/ Skyrim is if you become one when you are too low lv that yyou can't afford potions, spells etc to make you able to trade with vendors and heal potions during some day traveling.

Saryk2580d ago

I'm surprised this hasn't been modded yet.