Videogamer: PES 2008 VS FIFA 08

Videogamer writes:

"Gamers have been arguing over PES and FIFA across playgrounds, parks and pubs throughout the UK for almost as long as we can remember. FIFA is for less hardcore gamers, it has all the licenses, the better commentary, the gorgeous graphics and the arcadey gameplay. PES, on the other hand, is a true simulation, focusing on slow, considered gameplay over presentation. Now, in the first of a new exclusive regular series, we pit the two footballing heavyweights against each other in's VS."

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Fluffy2Duffy3946d ago

NAH! i played the demo version of PES08, its a crappy game and i bought Fifa08 which is 10times better, the graphic, commentary etc, so thumbs up!

SmokeyMcBear3946d ago

that mode where you play as just one person is soo addicting.. as is the the little mini mode when the game is loading, sometimes i play that for like 20 minutes before i realize i have a regular game waiting to be played

Fluffy2Duffy3946d ago

I see! but the gameplay dont feel so real as PES08 feels like a cartoonish game comparing to Fifa? So what u think,? It doesnt feel enjoyable as fifa.