The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Review (C&G Magazine)

Wayne Santos writes: "Within the genre of RPGs, it’s understood by fans that these games will normally take tens of hours to complete, with 30 as the approximate average and 60 for those that want to do a little more exploration, and then, for most, the apotheosis is 100 or so hours if you really want to see every damn thing the game offers. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim doubles that. Easily. This embarrassment of gaming riches, however, comes at a serious cost."

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Bigpappy2555d ago

I impatize with people who have the PS3 version. If it is as buggy as I am reading, that is a shame, because this is really the one game all RPG fans should get to enjoy -regardless of the system you play it on.

ssb31732555d ago

This is a really good game, would advise people to buy it, both those who have a ps3/xbox/pc or are planning/thinking of getting one