Assassin's Creed Multiplayer Makes it Hard to Play with Friends

VGR: Unfortunately Ubisoft has taken a step backwards when it came to the sequel’s multiplayer. Don’t get me wrong the multiplayer has been improved upon from the last installment with the additions and changes to the leveling, character building, and actual gameplay. The one change that is really limiting it though, is Ubisoft’s decision not to allow friend’s to play together.

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LettingGo2555d ago

Skyrim makes it hard to play Assassin's Creed, in general. I don't know a single person who picked up AC. I'm honestly not sure how it's doing so well in sales. I love the series too, but who is going to play it when Skyrim just came out?

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2555d ago Replies(1)
ironfist922554d ago

I dont know why anyone would take the MP of Assassin's seriously. Its a nice fine addition, but SP is where its at.