IGN - King of Fighters XIII Review

Regardless of where you stand on the franchise, you can't deny that the King of Fighters series is certainly prolific. Now in its 13th iteration, SNK's flagship arcade fighter has been gobbling up quarters for over a decade, combining the rosters of several SNK fighters, like Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting, and even some non-fighting games like Ikari Warriors.

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sjeen662428d ago

1-story mode : the characters move lips during cut scene and when fighting the shout loud ???hmmmm i wonder why snk.

2-online still laqs ?? what were they doing till now ??

3-The character models look pixelated at times??? no comment.

4-cheap bosses??? are they trying to copy orochi ??WTF just bring him back and that will solve it .

if they added some written story about all characters that will add some information to new players remove cheap bosses to add strong new one is good if you think about it snk.

jetlian2428d ago

what I find funny is zelda SS has these same problems yet doesn't get any flak for it.

sjeen662427d ago

zelda what ?? i didnt own a Nintendo to play that but i played KOF since 94 till now and im so upset cause the game was so good from 94 till 2002 after that it went down hill . ign should respect this game more .

Kyosuke_Sanada2428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

I couldn't stop laughing when they complained about cheap is SNK after all.

I am worried about the online a bit because I have many friends overseas that are waiting to fight it out with me....

Vandamme212428d ago

I'm still getting it..but snk should have created some new characters for this game.

pedo_across-the-road2428d ago

This is coming from the same people that gave dynasty warriors 7 a 5/10.

IGN is always good for a laugh.

sjeen662427d ago

WTF they gave dynasty warriors 7 a 5/10.
now i hate them more.

Giru0172428d ago

The same guys that gave both MvC3 and UMvC3 a 8.5? yeah, LOL

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