Skylanders may be Activision's greatest idea yet

Skylanders will be the hot holiday item this Christmas. Activision has created the perfect game one part RPG, and one part collectible that requires gamers to buy more Skylanders if they want to advance in the game. With some stores sold out, could this be the next Pokemon-like craze?

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Neo Nugget2433d ago

It needs a significant price drop if it has any hope of coming anywhere near Pokemon.

I mean come on. Why is the 3DS version the same price as the console versions? Should it be at least $20 less?

Peppy la Moca2433d ago

Don't see how it's a great idea. It's a gimmick if I ever did see one. From what I understand, it's just a way to switch characters by putting them on the platform thingy instead of using an in-game menu which does the same thing.

Granted the statuettes save character data, the same can be done with some sort of memory device like a usb device. Plus doesn't eye of judgement do the same thing except with cards?

Smells like a gimmick

GraveLord2433d ago

Its a kids game. Kids love toys.
Toys sell.

kube002433d ago

Oh its a money making gimmick

Zanzibar1062433d ago

This game has a lot in common with how people felt about Guitar Hero before it took off. 'Plastic guitars? Why wouldn't I just press buttons on my PS2 controller instead of buying a plastic guitar to play it on?' Then, the first time they saw somebody play it in person, they went 'Oh. Wow. I get it. That's pretty cool.'

Skylanders has the same effect on people. It comes off on paper as a gimmick, but the actual motion of swapping the toys on the Portal is surprisingly tangible and effective at breaking the 4th wall. The first time people see it in action it's pretty much a universally positive response.

Try it sometime if you can.

Peppy la Moca2433d ago

Yeah...except with the guitars you actually get a new set of game play mechanics like strumming, and whammying which don't really work well on the controller. Plus with the guitar you have to use all your fingers instead of just your thumb.

With this on the other hand, you aren't adding any gameplay to it...just a gimmick. Like the guy above said, it's great for kids. But then again, kids are fairly simple.