PC gamers favour Battlefield over Modern Warfare

Whilst Modern Warfare 3 rules the roost in the console domain, the story is quite different when looking at the PC market.

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T9002400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

Well the console market is different then PC. Console naturally being a more casual friendly platform has more casuals on it. casuals dont really care if a game is out dated or is recycled half a dozen times. They only care to buy what is advertised on TVs, Radios and what is considered popular. COD meets all those criterias.

I have heard the advertisements on the Radio myself, where people are told how awesome next gen and Awesome CODs graphics are, Casuals gamers are easy prey for such adverts. Even the shopkeepers tell casual gamers COD is the popular game to buy, hence it creates a spill over effect where everyone on console is buying it.

People who generally game on PC tend to know more about their machines then the average console gamer. Since the PC community has a larger % of hardcore gamers, its the same community that is generally seen frowning on a game like COD. Which is why on PC BF does better then COD.

Majin-vegeta2400d ago

*Casuals gamers are easy prey for such adverts. *

Maybe this generation of gamers and i've been playing since the 90's the last cod i bought was cod4 i'm not stupid enough to buy the same game.

ATi_Elite2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

But it's very obvious which one went the casual route.

Right now the PC is all about:
Skyrim, BF3, Football Manager, League of Legends and lots of other HOT titles. MW3 had a good jump but it's not beating Football Manager and is no where close to BF3 or Skyrim. On Steam MW3 is tied most of the times with TF2.

I have yet to see any Digital Sales figures for BF3 PC or MW3 PC but the retail numbers show BF3 over 700K and MW3 at 370K.

BF3 PC retail (700K) has already passed BC2 PC retail (650K) and BC2 PC sold over 4 million units. So i would guess BF3 PC is off to an excellent start (would of been better if it was on Steam).

I can see BF3 PC doing 5 million in sales even on origins. Meanwhile MW3 will not hit 20 million in sales this time around but even over 15 million is dam good money.


U say MW3 will not sell 20Million like black ops.R u serious???MW3 sold 12Million in a week and is selling @ a faster pace than Black ops.

benleescott2399d ago

I wonder if this is still the case after they include pirated copies.

ThatHappyGamer2399d ago

People don't play the campaign again and again. Its the Multiplayer that makes you play the game again and again and again.

If you had the so called pirated copies, you won't be able to access the MP.

benleescott2399d ago

Oops, forgot this was N4BF3

0neShot2399d ago

You are one big fucken idiot, you are saying all console owners are idiots like you who can't tell if the game has quality?

Mouse and keyboard is not the best way to enjoy a video game. I would prefer console because I can sit on a very comfy lazy boy couch playing the game in a 55inch LED screen and hearing the high fidelity audio from a home theater system. This is why they invented the gaming consoles, to make it more comfortable and improve on the experience.

But you telling console owners are pin heads like you is a retarded opinion, why don't you do your homework instead of writing in this forum kid.

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hiredhelp2400d ago

LoL you get a bubble vote.

Mrmagnumman3572399d ago

Us PC gamers are tired of the low res textures, low res effects, lack of dedicated servers, and mod support

ThatHappyGamer2399d ago

And the godly 64 Player/lobby.

Theo11302399d ago

Who said there wasn't any room for the onion anymore.

GrumpyVeteran2399d ago

Regardless, sales aren't (can't?) counted on the digital front. The only sales numbers that I've seen are from physical copies, and most PC gamers nowadays buy digital.

T9002399d ago

Even though we only have retail sales numbers on the PC, it is a good indicative what the digital sales numbers ratio for 2 games will be like. If BF3 on PC is out performing MW2 in the retail, then most likely the same is happening in the Digital. Atleast on Steam Charts MW3 is constantly outperformed by Skyrim.

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