Cover art that over sold the experience

Back in the days before the internet existed to help you decide which games were worth your hard-earned cash/not-at-all-earned allowance, gamers often had to resort to judging a game's merits from its box art. That meant the cover had to be the most enticing piece of advertising ever so that imaginative young minds could see themselves taking their place beside Han Solo or taking home the bikini girl on the front of Barbarian. But the experience seldom lived up to that promise.

So Games Radar have trawled the archives to bring you the finest examples of box art that oversold the experience.

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MK_Red3825d ago

LOL, many probably bought the game to get the "Free Poster Inside" mentioned on Barbarian cover. Conan FTW!

Charlie26883825d ago

LOL that was an excellent blast from the past...a blocky and pixelate past that is XD