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Examiner Review: Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 attempts to break the FPS mold and ends up serving an average offering. (Battlefield 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360) 3/5

Xristo  +   1345d ago
Just FYI...

"Full Disclosure: The Battlefield 3 single-player campaign was reviewed on the Xbox 360 over a course of roughly 10 hours. Multiplayer was not reviewed and therefore had zero bearing on the results of this review."

Probably a fair assessment for the SP campaign. As for the MP, easily a 9+/10 (or in their case a 4+/5). I am LOVING this game on the PC....SO INTENSE!
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0neShot  +   1344d ago
What' so special about BF3 MP? In consoles, it's all too similar to BC2 MP, it plays and feels like BC2.
Hufandpuf  +   1345d ago
A singleplayer review. a fair score though, it was solid and it worked. but multiplayer is where it's at. I'm surprised they didn't just review the whole thing.
Avernus  +   1345d ago
Yeah it's a fair review tbh. I like the SP, but it's not SPECTACULAR by any means =)

MP is the reason I bought it for, and I'm sure about 80% of BF3 players bought it for that reason too.
zeeman  +   1345d ago
Am I the only person on the planet that enjoyed the single player campaign?

My negatives are that there are too many instances that a simple button press could make you feel more part of the action like the CQC as well as too many load times else it had a decent somewhat cliched story but tied up well with a nice atmosphere and awesome sound.

Playing as the Russian was very special ops like and the difficulty is exactly what I want. The reveiwer seems to bemoan dying
GrumpyVeteran  +   1345d ago
Only mission I really enjoyed was the jet one due to the atmosphere they managed to create.
ssb3173  +   1344d ago
This is a decent game, online could be better but overall its acctually pretty good

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