Examiner Review: Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 attempts to break the FPS mold and ends up serving an average offering.

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Xristo2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

Just FYI...

"Full Disclosure: The Battlefield 3 single-player campaign was reviewed on the Xbox 360 over a course of roughly 10 hours. Multiplayer was not reviewed and therefore had zero bearing on the results of this review."

Probably a fair assessment for the SP campaign. As for the MP, easily a 9+/10 (or in their case a 4+/5). I am LOVING this game on the PC....SO INTENSE!

0neShot2341d ago

What' so special about BF3 MP? In consoles, it's all too similar to BC2 MP, it plays and feels like BC2.

Hufandpuf2342d ago

A singleplayer review. a fair score though, it was solid and it worked. but multiplayer is where it's at. I'm surprised they didn't just review the whole thing.

Avernus2342d ago

Yeah it's a fair review tbh. I like the SP, but it's not SPECTACULAR by any means =)

MP is the reason I bought it for, and I'm sure about 80% of BF3 players bought it for that reason too.

zeeman2342d ago

Am I the only person on the planet that enjoyed the single player campaign?

My negatives are that there are too many instances that a simple button press could make you feel more part of the action like the CQC as well as too many load times else it had a decent somewhat cliched story but tied up well with a nice atmosphere and awesome sound.

Playing as the Russian was very special ops like and the difficulty is exactly what I want. The reveiwer seems to bemoan dying

GrumpyVeteran2342d ago

Only mission I really enjoyed was the jet one due to the atmosphere they managed to create.

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