Call of Duty Elite Reaches One Million Premium Members After Six Days

Activision announced today that it has sold one million premium memberships of Call of Duty Elite after six days.

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fluffydelusions2435d ago

What's crazy is a lot of games struggle to even hit that number in lifetime sales while a $50 COD subscription service hits it in under a week.

badz1492434d ago

The other 9 mil not getting into it. Maybe there's still hope afterall...or maybe NOT

lugia 40002435d ago

lol, 95% of those were the people who bought the ltd edition of MW3.

gamingdroid2434d ago

Yeah, the hardened edition sold out at most retailers. It was considered a deal just to get it....

I know, crazy!

Berserk2434d ago

Just that the hardened edition costs double more than the normal...

BaneWilliams2434d ago

Very true, my 'founder' card had the number 948,232 etched into it.

Majin-vegeta2434d ago

Shaving sheep wool for $5 anyone interested??XDDDDDDD.


So people are sheeps for buying a game they enjoy with there own money? The epicness of ur hypocrisy is beyond measurable.

TheCrazyMerc2434d ago

One million people got ripped off.

floetry1012434d ago

Yeah, a lot of this is attributed to the Hardened Edition of the game. The features of Elite aren't really what CoD players want, it's the paid-off DLC.

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