Everything You Need to Know About the Dashboard Update

OXM US Online writes:

"Call us nerds (and do it loudly, cuz we're proud of it), but we get excited when Dashboard Update time finally rolls around. We've always got big hopes and dreams for what powers Microsoft will bestow upon us, so as the December 4 launch of the not-so-aptly-named "Fall" Update grows nearer and nearer, we're going to keep track of the latest facts and rumors on what the Update has in store for us, and we'll keep updating this page with any developments."

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nobizlikesnowbiz3913d ago

Wow $15 dollars for an original Xbox game no way what a steal.

/sarcasm off

Seems like the biggest aspect of this update is making it possible to look at your friend's friends? Am I the only one that thinks thats stupid/weird/creepy/unecessary ?

rofldings3913d ago

$15 for an xbox game?!?! wtf.

Just go to EBgames and buy the real disc for $5?

Crazyglues3913d ago

You know what's funny I said the same exact thing in another post on the update and people attacked my bubbles... but you say it here and you get agrees... LoL ...Go figure..

buy yeah I agree with you, and here's some bubbles... I'm just giving everyone bubbles who agreed with you.. bubbles for everyone..

mesh13913d ago

the key word here is choice i for 1 will get a couple of games that cant be bought in store anymore sony on the other hand gives u 0 choice on the psn

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predator3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

im sure there are features that are not annouced yet, otherwise thats a lackluster update compared to their others, Monday hopfully they will annouce all there features

edit - who disagreed with me, tell me why, what was wrong with my post?

nobizlikesnowbiz3913d ago

I've only frequented this site for the last 6 or 7 months, and I know to not pay any attention to agree/disagree. Always gonna be some guy that says, 'hey, im gonna disagree bc i think itll be funny'.

I thought a veteran like yourself wouldn't get flustered over a random turd disagreeing lol.

iNcRiMiNaTi3913d ago

maybe someone thought that the update isnt lackluster and disagreed??

oh well ill give u an agree if it makes u feel better lol

predator3913d ago

nah its just wen u get a disagree for no reason and they dont say why that it gets annoying. lol

Lord Cheese3913d ago

cant read the article cos i'm at work, but from what i've read in the past, the clan support, removal of demo xbla games from gamercards and EU access to video marketplace are the most appealing from my point of view.

The friends-of-friends thing is just a nod to myspace and facebook - they are just trying to make xbox live more like a community - cant hurt i suppose, not exactly earth-shattering though. Wish they'd sort out the music interface to be honest - got 10,000 songs shared on my network and the interface to go through them SUCKS!

nobizlikesnowbiz3913d ago

I thought it was just a hopeful addition?

nirwanda3913d ago

It will be like who's that on your friends list and by being inquisitive you make new friends it's like going out getting pi$$ed with yer mates and someone invites an old friend or someone from work by the end of the night you get to know them.

Anyway what I want from an update is music sending like the zune does locally limit it to 3/2 plays and everyone win's artists sell more albums though people hearing tracks that don't get released maybe they should add music browsing for friends lists for this as well.

Close_Second3913d ago

...this story does not reveal anything new re: the dashboard update that we have not already read.

However if this is all thats coming in the December update then big deal. The original Xbox games are overpriced and offer no reason to buy them. Video Marketplace in New Zealand is still a pipe dream and probably will be for another couple of years.

I was hoping for the rumored web browser and the ability to increase the number of your friends from the current max on your own personal list. Divx support would have been ok but thats not a big deal for me. Oh yes, proper IPod support also would have been great so you can play back the protected tracks you download off ITunes.

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