Diehard GameFAN: Cave Story 3D Review

DHGF: Cave Story 3D is a remake of a popular indie title that was also featured on PC, WiiWare, DsiWare, and Mac OS. The 3DS edition is the best looking version of the bunch and it’s clear that the developers put a lot of effort into making it so. It plays like a dolled up version of classic 8-bit games of old such as Metroid or Mega Man, which fans of said games should enjoy, and the 3D effects enhance the experience so long as you keep them on their lowest setting. All that said, this version of Cave Story lacks some of the modes that were present in previous releases such as the Boss challenge or Curly modes. Not only that, but other versions of the game are much cheaper and offer almost as much content, such as the DSiWare version, which can be played on the very same system that this can. However, this is the only hard copy of Cave Story available right now and will likely be in limited print, so if you are not into the digital distribution method of acquiring video games, I would definitely jump on this

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