Dizzy Videogame Revival Teased

Codemasters has today teased the rebirth of a videogame icon. Having taken the 1980’s UK gaming scene by storm, it appears that Dizzy is back to make his mark in the era of 3D gaming, online networks and power processor based consoles.

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St02347d ago

lol, I had Fantasy world Dizzy on the Spectrum

Kurt Russell2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

I had a few of them on my Amstrad :D

All for this rebirth! (or relay... he is techniqually still an egg)

MRMagoo1232347d ago

I had every dizzy game there was on my Amstrad cpc 464 plus, i was just the other day deciding on if i should make one on LBP2.....i guess now i dont need to.


Yahtzee is gonna be excited!

SilentNegotiator2347d ago

LOL, the first thing I thought of was ZP.

Knowing modern day CodeDisasters, though, they'll probably just end up 'scrambling' it up.

MrDead2347d ago

Cant wait, I still have Treasure Island, Prince of the Yolkfolk and Magicland Dizzy on my Amiga.

Dark_Overlord2347d ago

I hope they include all the old ones as unlockables :)

I played and finished every dizzy game, they were great games :)

Shnazzyone2347d ago

That's a stretch, sure the UK is thrilled though

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