Microsoft & Xbox 360 teams up with We7

Microsoft has teamed up with new ad-funded free music download service, We7, to increase awareness of Xbox 360 and promote key titles in the run up to Christmas. The deal will see Xbox utilise We7's unique ad grafting technology to get directly into the ears of consumers downloading tracks and albums from, targeting their ads by the genre of music as well as by location, age and gender.

The We7 campaign is part of a wider Christmas strategy from Xbox which includes TV advertising, and will run from 26th November until Christmas day. As well as raising brand awareness for Xbox 360, the campaign on We7 will use the power of music to demonstrate Xbox 360's strong portfolio of games to appeal to a wide range of audiences, from the latest blockbuster games for the key 16-25 male audience to 'Fun for Everyone' – a range of family games suitable for everyone 3 years+.

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