Does Skyrim prove Xbox gamers aren't just mindless shooter fanatics?

Does the Xbox 360 demographic lean more towards shooters compared to PS3 owners or does Skyrim prove otherwise?

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bunt-custardly2307d ago

Shooter fanatics first... and then everything else second. I dare not touch Skyrim as Oblivion demanded so much time, I hardly played anything else for a year.

scotchmouth2307d ago

How do we state that xbox gamers "are mindless shooter fanatics"? That is a generalization of illogical proportions.

While shooters are exceptionally popular in today's culture all consoles see sales of varying genres.

I think you might see higher numbers on xbox but that doesn't limit the amount of other genres sold and enjoyed by that audience. Shooters as a whole currently sell better and appeal to more of the install base then all other genres.

The title of this is perfectly engineered to gain heat. Not only are xbox gamers fans of shooters, it is to the point of a raving mindless consumption.

Please rename title to "zombie xbox gamers eat the COD flesh while still warm."

Area man unimpressed with N4G discussion. Details at 10:15 right after sports.

xPhearR3dx2306d ago

The only reason people say Xbox players only play shooters is because of the XBL Activity that is released on a weekly bases. If Sony released a similar statistic, they would be pretty much the same minus the 360 exclusives like Halo and Gears.

Army_of_Darkness2306d ago

It's just like saying that pc gamers are all Lonely, porn addicted, anti-social, nerdy virgins" LOL! not all of them are;-)

jmac532306d ago

And PS3 gamers are hermaphrodite emos with spiked hair that cry all the time due to the JRPG's they play.

buddymagoo2305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )


I think you'll find that PS3 gamers are car enthusiasts that like Nissans and lap times. GT5 being the best selling PS3 game including multiplatform.

snipes1012305d ago

Another factor that people that generalize about these types of things fail to address is the fact that sales and XBL activity do not address every type of gamer.

Much like sports games, CoD has created for itself a part of its audience that only buys one game a year at that is it. There are many people that play this exclusively and when you mix this number with the people that play it even casually results in a very large quotient.

There are also the people not connected to Live. What are they playing? What about achievements? What games have the most achievements unlocked by the most amount of players? Achievements/trophies have provided another way in which we can study game play habits and it is utterly ignored.

All in all, we can't just generalize about these things. It is poor journalism and, to some people, just insulting.

zeal0us2305d ago

I have a 360 and whats funny one 2 out 30 games I have is shooters. I like variety in my game-playing ,gladly i'm not a "mindless shooter fanatic".

Army_of_Darkness2305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

Hey! I got emotional while having my hair spiked up and playing FF7 only one time okay! Didn't think an n4g member would somehow find out about that?! How embarrassing....

jeseth2305d ago


Gran Turismo, Street Fighter, God of War, Forza, Ratchet & Clank, Madden, Tiger Woods Golf, Fifa, Little Big Planet, Alan Wake, Dragon Age, Batman, GTA, Red Dead, Final Fantasy, Uncharted, Ninja Gaiden, Devil May Cry, Castlevania, Mario, Zelda, Demons Souls, etc. etc. etc.

All prove gamers are not mindless shooter fanatics. Don't write an article thats makes Skyrim any more than these other games. They are all excellent in their own way.

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GribbleGrunger2306d ago (Edited 2306d ago )

this guy is defining by the back door. asking if it proves their not suggests that proof was needed. you can see quite clearly just from the title that this is his own narrow minded view and he's trying to trade it as generally accepted.

'Does Skyrim suggest that not all 360 owners prefer FPS?' would have been a more neutral stance

awi59512305d ago

Mass effect,dragon age orgins,(dragon age 2 is a epic fail),fallout,fable,bioshock 1 and lots of jrpg games proves otherwise. 360 had far more RPG's this gen than playstation and 360 games sell more.

Hicken2305d ago

So, with the exception of the first Mass Effect, everything else you mentioned is also available on PS3.

And as for JRPGs, at LEAST a half dozen exclusives have dropped over the past two years on PS3, while there have been.... how many on 360?

Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, and about three others (Operation Darkness comes to mind) would make things even, at best, so your argument is....?

awi59512305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

The rpg's that are multiplat sell way more on 360 so ps3 must be the ones playing shooters.


I play a biotic in the mass effect games and i never have to fire a shot the biotic powers are far more powerful than the guns because biotics only get a crappy pistol in those games.

Sanetoshi2307d ago

I think, in general, shooters are the most easily accessible franchise. You don't really have to consider yourself a gamer to get into a shooter. I think it's for that reason that shooters not only sell so well, but dominate the charts on Xbox Live. They aren't really better, just easier for most kinds of gamers to get into.

I think a game like Skyrim showing up on the charts in spite of this says a lot about the fanbase it's cultivated and how much it appeals to a wide variety of gamers. It's really quite impressive.

AmaZinG2307d ago

Sell 8 milion, Forza 3 sells 5 Milions and Skyrim 1st Week is 2M on Xbox i dont see how you can say that.

Sure Shooters are far more popular but thats not just on Xbox, its everywhere except on Pc ofc.

Pyscho_Mantis2306d ago

lololol fable 2 and 3 did not sell 8 million Forza sold no where near 5 million and skyrim on xbox was not 2 million. Where are you getting these numbers????? VGchartz LMAO.

M-Easy2305d ago

he made those numbers up. Forza didn't even sell 300k

snipes1012305d ago

He may be wrong...but it doesn't change the fact that these are still enormously popular franchises on the console.

You don't get to the third or fourth iteration of a title if it is not at all popular.

awi59512305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

Fable 2 sold 4 million more than any ps3 rpg
Fable 3 sold 3.37
forza 2 4.3 million
forza 3 sold 5 million
Bioshock 1 2.5 million
Halo wars 2.11 million
Oblivion sold 3.4 million
Mass effect 2.39 million
Mass effect 2/ 2.58 million
Dragon age orgins 2.18 million
PGR 4 2 million
PGR3 1.35 million
Even crap FF 13 sold 1.8 million on 360

And there are alot more im too lazy to look up. 360 gamers do buy RPG's and other types of games. Pyscho_Mantis you dont know what the hell you are talking about.

ZippyZapper2306d ago

PS3 has the same amount of shooters in the top 20 as 360.



Action games like Assassins Creed and RPG's like Mass Effect, Oblivion, and Skyrim do better on the 360.

ThreeSpeed2306d ago

I'm not sure what list you were looking at but it looks like there are 6 shooters in the PS3 top 20 and 11 in the 360 top 20.

ZippyZapper2305d ago

So... you wont count Uncharted as a shooter but you will count Gears as one? You need to go back to the PS3 list and start counting the games with guns. PS3 owners love their shooters as much as 360 owners, that's why CoD (a game you guys are supposed to hate) takes the tips spots.

Stop being a hypocrite and don't lie to yourself.

BitbyDeath2305d ago

"So... you wont count Uncharted as a shooter but you will count Gears as one?"

Uncharted is more of an action/adventure than a shooter...
Often there are levels where you don't even use a gun or see an enemy... can you say the same for Gears?
Also Mass Effect is a shooter as well.

snipes1012305d ago

Mass Effect is far more than a shooter. There are places in that game that, like your Uncharted, have levels utterly devoid of enemies and no shooting at all. ME is an RPG that has much mroe characterization, plot, and depth than any shooter will ever have.

One thing I should add about Uncharted is that, even if there are some levels in SP campaign that have little to no shooting, the co-op and multiplayer portions all all guns-blazing affairs. So yes, there are parts of the game that can easily be categorized under straight shooter. Same goes for MGS 4's online portion.

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