How Japan's Earthquake Changed its Developers

1up: On March 11th, Japan experienced the biggest known natural disaster in the country's history as a 9.0 magnitude earthquake hit off the coast of Tohoku, leading to subsequent tsunami waves, aftershocks, and nuclear power plant explosions.

In the days following, Namco's Kazuhiro Harada remembers looking at the data collected from Tekken arcade cabinets linked across Japan, and seeing clusters of locations flatline. In some cases, the buildings housing these machines lost electricity; in others, they fell apart. Back at Namco's office, his team experienced frequent blackouts, regularly shut off equipment due to power conservation efforts, discovered that their arcade cabinet manufacturing factory collapsed, and saw fellow employees question whether they wanted to continue making "fun" entertainment products.

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Cloudberry2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

Kazuma Kiryu at far left, lol.

Great read too.

StayStatic2400d ago

I imagine the earthquake ...

***puts on sun glasses***

Shook the devs up a bit.

Killzone3Helghast2400d ago

I imagine 9/11 was a ...

***puts on sun glasses***

Real blast.

chadwarden2400d ago

I imagine Katrina sure did...

***puts on sun glasses***

Wet their pants.

Lavalamp2399d ago

I imagine this is a...

***takes off sun glasses***

c-c-c-combo breaker!!!

Inception2400d ago

I really want to play Disaster Report 4. But they already canceled it T_T

btw, as an asian people, earthquake is a big threat
i still remembered when tsunami crushed Aceh, Thailand, and some asian country in 2004
those memories are painfull because i lost a lot of my friends and brothers from that catastrophe

so i hope japanese devs not give up for making a great game after those earthquake :)

Hicken2400d ago

Who in the hell would disagree with you?

Shit, I had to stop watching the coverage after I saw footage of people running from the tsunami, and I know those people didn't escape it.

rezzah2399d ago

terrifying to witness such catastrophes, I've seen many tsunami videos and saw that some people didn't make it. Knowing that it is real despite not being live doesn't matter, you're actually seeing someone die in such a way that is scary (large body of water the height of houses rushing towards you).

It is common for humans (disagreer) to ignore that which does not directly affect them. Or maybe that he or she pressed by accident.

Inception2399d ago

Haha, i don't know who's disagreed with me. Maybe my secret admirer who knew i'm not an asian XD. Or maybe he/she knew that earthquake / tsunami aren't that scary..

For the footage, ugh, i can't sleep well after watching those vids T_T

People these days are more and more anti-social and ignore they're surrounding. But i knew that there's still good people who care each other like you or hicken. So God bless you all guys :)

Fullmetalevolust2400d ago

If it weren't for Japanese Devs. I'm not sure what I'd play at the moment. Western developers tend to be anchored in reality while Japanese game makers enjoy creating fantasies. I enjoy a lot of escapism in my games and do not want to be reminded of reality. I want to explore a new land with different core values and a story that's a little far fetched accompanied with some quirky humor. I want an adventure! :)