Kazuma Kiryu is the Main Character in Yakuza 5

Andriasang: And other various bits from Famitsu's first look at the PS3 sequel.

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SnakeCQC2341d ago

i loved part 1 but was very disappointed when the others had no english voice acting

shikamaroooo2341d ago

Awesome because i didnt like controlling the other characters in Yakuza 4

Inception2341d ago

Five city?! darn! this game will be big, real big!

btw, i knew Nagoshi really love Kiryu (he mention it that Kiryu is like a Mario), and i too like Kiryu bad ass characters, but i want more spotlight for Akiyama or Taniyama. I loved their combat style!

WetN00dle692341d ago

Ryu Ga Gotoku isnt Ryu Ga Gotoku without Kazuma Kiryu.

Inception2341d ago

Haha, i knew dude. But i want some spotlight for another character besides Kiryu. Maybe Ukyo Tatsuya from Black Panther will make an appearence. His a bad ass too.

P_Bomb2341d ago

Seeing as they established 3 strong new leads in Y4 which is no easy feat (see the Raiden backlash in MGS2), I hope they keep at least a couple of those charachters active for Y5 and beyond. loved playing as them. Freshened up the combat and stories quite a bit. You can only do so much with a retiree and his orphanage, heh. The Akiyama/Taniyama VS Kiryu fight in the sewers was really cool, as was fighting against Kaz as Saeijima.

tiffac0082336d ago (Edited 2336d ago )

Yeah that Kiryu vs Akiyama & Taniyama was awesome. There is indeed a reason why Kazuma is known as the Dragon of Dojima!

I have no doubt that we'll be seeing the Y4 crew back in Y5 although probably in a less controllable state.

They should bring back Kaoru (Y2) though, I miss her :/

D3mons0ul2341d ago

Kiryu is pretty much like Kenshiro of the modern era. I just wish he knew how to make heads and bodies explode with his fingertips.

Knushwood Butt2341d ago

They'd better do something significantly new with the engine for 5.

The whole 'totally non-interactive environment' that has been in the game since the PS2 games is well past its sell by date.

Great stories though (although I passed on the zombie game - looked garbage).