Bayonetta was originally considered to join Soul Calibur V roster. Didn't make the cut.

"It has emerged that SEGA's Bayonetta was originally considered as a possible guest character in Namco-Bandai's forthcoming Soul Calibur V. However, given how elaborate her hair attacks are, Bayonetta didn't make the final cut."

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Venox20082248d ago

too bad :/ I love Bayonetta :)

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Neko_Mega2248d ago

Would be cool, but I think they are out of room for sexy women.

Kahvipannu2248d ago

Hmmm.. Would had fitted well in the game. Atleast she would have been way better choose than Yoda or Starkiller in last game.. -_- (Darth Vader was awesome tought!)

SquareEnixFan2248d ago

That sucks. I would love to see Bayonetta in a Soul Calibur game.

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