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Sanetoshi2405d ago

Oh cool. I never got around to playing this game, so I might give the demo a try.

T9002405d ago

Would have made more sense if they released the demo before they released the game, thats how it always works.

Though i think they would have scared the PC crowd away. The game might look good for a console game, however its far below a PC gamers expectations. In fact the PC version uses assets like the console version, hence the only benefit it does have is higher resolution. I can only imagine releasing a demo before game launch would have caused a negative impact on PC sales. Though they should have released a console demo in advance.

Crazyglues2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

Yeah talk about late, you really need to release the demo before the game comes out... (it's really late to hope to get some love from the demo)

In Rages case I think it's too late to get better sales now.. the game is going to be an epic flop..

Sadly the game really is not that bad, but does have some key problems that kept it from becoming huge..

These days word of mouth sells a game better then anything and if early buyers feels like the game is just ok, your in trouble..

Co-op was not done right and it's a huge factor in why Dead Island did so well, Game Companies don't seem to get it though, these days people want to play with their friends..


Larry L2405d ago

I know as a gamer it makes no sense to release a demo a month or so after the actual game releases. But from a business perspective it's absolute genius, and if I were a developer or publisher, that's exactly what I would do. Because a demo can be good or bad for the people trying to make money.

To release a demo after launch, you get ALL the people who are excited to play the game day 1 to buy the game when it launches i.e. preorderes and what-not. Then out of all those early adopters you get some word of mouth sales. THEN about a month after launch, you release a demo then people who enjoy the demo will give you a secondary wave of sales. But when you release a demo ahead of time you take a chance of your game not living up to some pre-orderer's expectations, and they could cancel their purchase, and could also lead to alot of bad word-of-mouth, even if it's just from internet trolls it can cost sales. Perfect example of this was Killzone 2. from early impressions and the beta, people were excited. Then they release an early single player demo for everyone and all people did was bash that demo. Killzone 2 lost MANY pre-orders from that.
It makes FAR more business sense to release demos post launch for most games unless its something completely new that you need people to get a taste of to get them excited. But FPSs aren't that.

On topic: For anyone maybe interested in RAGE, here's my mini-review. It's a pure nostalgia FPS. If you are an older gamer who loved the original DOOM through Final DOOM, you are missing out on SOOOOO much awesomeness if you don't play RAGE. The gameplay is pure old-school FPS. Forget any RPG conotations people on the internet give RAGE. There's nothing that makes it like an RPG aside from being given quests. The fact is, going through any cave/sewer/dungeon/hideout in the campaign, and all of the online/split-screen co-op missions feel EXACTLY like going through levels of original DOOM-Final DOOM from the design to the enemies. It brings me right back to DOOM, just with fantastic graphics.

If you want a game that brings you back to DOOM, which no game has done since Final DOOM, not even DOOM 3, then RAGE is a 10/10. If you're looking for a 100 hour FALLOUT3 style RPG/FPS hybrid which alot of people on the internet seem to co mpare RAGE to which they shouldn't, then RAGE would be like a 6/10 because it's nothing like that. It's pure, old-school, FPS action. And to be honest, only fans of original DOOM need apply.

Oschino19072400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

Right there with you Larry L, seems most the bashing of the game comes from those who were expecting something else. For me it lived up to all my expectations, sure some things could have been better but I am sure they for the most part already know and are changing those things for the next RAGE.

Oh and I must say some of the best easter eggs I have seen in a game for a while. If they can improve it further and add some more story next time around I will be all over it. Still hoping for some more co-op missions but not holding my breath.

hennessey862405d ago

but its not long enough and considering its open world why when you finsih the campain cant you still free roam it just sends you back to the main menu to carry on from the last checkpoint you saved from the campain soooooooooooooooooooooooffffff fffffffffffffffffffinnnnnannnno yyin

mcstorm2405d ago

Sounds good ill have to give it a go

MizTv2405d ago

got this when it came out havnt played it in like 4 weeks.2 many other games 2 play

CrimsonEngage2405d ago

Traded this game last night for WWE 12. Didn't even finish it. Generic FPS confirmed.

NYC_Gamer2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

maybe next time carmack will spend more time making sure the game is actually good instead of running his mouth.

DigitalRaptor2405d ago

Oh right, but a yearly homo-erotic "sports" franchise game is better, right?

How people can like wrestling and not cringe when watching it is beyond me.

I think the game captures the US audience very well! ;)