Battlefield 3 already outsells both Bad Company games

Perhaps EA's smack talking has paid off because recent sales analysis suggests that Battlefield 3's console sales are very encouraging indeed.

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bunt-custardly2400d ago

Still yet to pick this up after the Beta, strangely I'm feeling the urge even though I quite despised the Beta.

Septic2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

Don't base your judgement on a very buggy Beta. BF3 is a far cry from what you experienced and you really owe it to yourself to try out all the maps, especially Caspian Border, Firestorm, Kharg Island and others.

The Op Metro doesn't represent what BF3 is about at all.

Also, if you can, I recommend you get the PC version.

OT- Although COD's sales eclipsed BF3's, this still represents a strong showing by DICE. The game has a lot more potential and I really can see it getting better and better as new maps, new weapons and new features are added and refined.

The game has so much depth that I still think there are lot of improvements to be made such as better Commo Rose, better Squad Management etc

PhantomT14122400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

Yep, Metro map is the worst of em all, especially for conquest...

princejb1342400d ago

congrats dice on a succesful game

Somebody2400d ago

I've only seen the hate-mongering articles and funny glitches videos about the beta and they don't affect my purchase of the game. My decision was based on DICE's excellent support for earlier Battlefields and not on a single crappy beta.

Can't let one bad experience spoil the whole game for me, especially when games can be patched up later. least it's not Rage...

hiredhelp2400d ago

Nothing like the beta. Trust me you missing out some great maps too. The beta was just stressed test for servers. And i was in pre alpha early wummer was not anywere as crap as the beta. That was a test for servers m8.
Its well worth buying and the devs are given strong support constantly if you decide to buy grab the limited edition ready for the expansion pack 4 maps new weapons new vieachles for free.

Tachyon_Nova2400d ago

Why not hit reply when you wish to reply to somebody?

Ocean2400d ago

Glad i bought the game..didnt get round to buying BFBC2 so i decided to give this a go and having a great time with it.

Sugreev20012400d ago

I'm super-disappointed with BF3.The Bad Company games were easily better.The multiplayer on both is just immaculate,and the single player was fun too.I hate all the maps in BF3,but I'm most annoyed by the damn "jump" button or should I call it the slippin-n-sliding button.I feel the weapons are way overpowered too,right from the beginning.You may disagree with me,but I think it's the worst in the series...easily.

Hufandpuf2400d ago

Battlefield play 4 free is the worst in the series. Bf3 is up there next to bf2 but different enough to still be played separately.

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The story is too old to be commented.