Batman: Arkham City Is Out Now On Steam

DSOGaming writes: "Today is the day for all PC Batman fans out there, as Rocksteady’s action third person has finally been released on Steam – at least in North and South America. European fans will have to wait a little bit longer but that’s okay we guess as they have tons of games to play until then. Batman: Arkham City comes with some exclusive PC features, like hardware PhysX, DX11 and support for Nvidia’s 3D Vision, and is priced at 49.99 euros."

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NYC_Gamer2130d ago

i have been waiting and it's finally available

AKS2130d ago

Oh, excellent. I just started my download.

john22130d ago

Be adviced guys; Word has it that DX11 kills performance and doesn't offer any signifigant changes (in-game)