ONM - Paper Mario 3DS Preview

Paper Mario 3DS review Mario's RPG outings rarely fall short of excellence. They are indisputably, universally brilliant, funny and clever, half sarcastic nonsense and the rest intelligent turn-based (mostly) RPG combat and adventuring.

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hennessey862155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

ha and call of duty gets stick for its yearly release

MakiManPR2155d ago

Wrong. Totally different Mario. Just because its a Mario game doesn't mean is the same unlike CoD.

Stealth2k2155d ago


Call of duty is exactly the same every year.

There are different sub series within mario, none of which get yearly releases.

LightofDarkness2155d ago

Paper Mario = RPG
Super Mario = 2D/3D platforming
Mario Kart = Arcade racing
Mario *Sport* = Arcade Sports (depending on title)
Mario Party = Party games/board game

While they may feature the same iconography and characters, they are COMPLETELY different games. Call Of Duty is the same game, only some times they have "different" characters. Like there's any big difference between characters like 'Sgt. Jim "Smackdown" McToughnstuff' and 'Col. Clayton "Claymore" Clay'.