Volition: Saints Row does "fun gameplay" better than GTA

OXM UK: "Saints Row "excels" Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto for entertaining gameplay, according to Saints Row: The Third's lead designer Scott Phillips, but there's room in your life for both."

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Laxman2432d ago

Volition speak the truth.

Shaman2432d ago

I think he should wait for GTAV before speaking this, since last GTA title came out 3 years ago. Alot has changed since than and GTAIV main focus was story and technology to get such big and detailed city work on consoles while Saints Row 1&2 were nothing but bugged mess. I'm not saying SR3 is bad game, but its a game coming out 3 years after GTAIV and it will not be compared to GTAIV but GTAV once its released and that won't end well for Volition.

kingdavid2432d ago

SR is and always will be just a cheap diversion away from the real king (GTA).

Tomonobu Itagaki2432d ago

Considering how boring and bland was the last king, i'd rather play cheap diversions that are actually fun to play.

Laxman2432d ago

Actually, Saints Row got popular and sold well because it brought back gameplay that the last GTA was void of. Dont get me wrong, I still love the GTA series and had a good time with GTA IV, but GTA used to be about over-the-top action, wacky scenarios ans characters and most prominently, pure unadulerated fun - characteristics that have only been available in this type of game from the Saints Row series this generation.

Man In Black2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

Dude should STFU, SR3 is awful. Thing is, making everything crazy and over the top dilutes it all. It's better to have craziness in bursts, then it seems more awesome. As it is, it's like they're trying too hard. Funny how the trailers tended to focus on the stupid dildo crap. "Hurr hurr, we have a dildo. Please focus on this and ignore the fact that the overall game is worse than its predecessor. Oh yeah, and we cut out competitive multiplayer while also taking a giant dump on the story."

hennessey862432d ago

sr 1 and 2 were fun but three is just stupid, running on a shocking graphics engine.

ZippyZapper2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

Ok Volition we don't need another EA. Look how that tturned out for them.

LightofDarkness2432d ago

You mean better than ever sales and a solid market position?

I hate EA these days too; but, despite their inability to shut up and boastfulness, they've gained a lot of ground this year. People are buying the games. I don't like it, because they're being incredibly under-handed at every turn now, but nothing will change if their tactics appear to actually work.

ECM0NEY2432d ago

They are both great games. SR3 I laughed till I cried just creating a character with like 3 of my friends input. Good times. The opening scene is so over the top and just fucking cool!

Fishy Fingers2432d ago

I play and enjoy both for what they each do well. They're really not that similar, I've always found time for both anyway and probably will continue to do so, especially with heir staggered release dates.

Cant we all just get along.... lol

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The story is too old to be commented.