Skyrim – Crime & Punishment Analyzed

One of the best things about the Elder Scrolls game is the ability to do anything you want such as stealing from the townspeople or simply going mad by killing everyone. While it may seem fun to the player doing it, it’s not in the world of Skyrim and prepare to face the consequences based on your actions.

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TheOneYouHate2406d ago

How do you get the guards off you in WhiteRun? I accidentally used my "push" power instead of running and hit a guard in the castle, I walked out the door and the game auto saved. And the guards kill me everytime and the game loads right back to when I exited the castle. :(

I run arround like crazy in hopes a guard askes me to surrender but no one does HELP!

D3mons0ul2406d ago

Have you tried to put your weapon away?

masa20092406d ago

Crime is still not done right in the game.
I was very disappointed by how close it actually is to Oblivion.
Essential NPCs reawakening and not acknowledging that the body of a loved one is laying right next to them, an NPC magically learns that I'm the one who committed a crime just from seeing the victim's body despite not being present during the deed, etc...

It feels like a step backwards compared to New Vegas, where you could kill everyone and allegiances made more sense.
Rather than adding puzzles and dragons, I'd have preferred if they had worked on the game's key social mechanics, which are vastly more important to an RPG.
The progress in this domain appears relatively small compared to Oblivion.

admiralvic2406d ago

I fully agree about the new vegas part!

Tuxedo_Mask2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

I agree, after some redguards told me they were searching for a redguard woman in Whiterun I saw them in a field talking to a woman. She said something like, "No!" and they said something like, "You're coming with us!" or at least that's what I thought they said. I sprang into action and dispatched the two "attackers" while the woman escaped to safety.

When I got back to Whiterun the guards tried to arrest me for "assault". Luckily I was already a thane, but I wondered how they knew about what I'd done. Maybe the woman I "saved" ratted on me.

Supposedly, if there aren't any witnesses you don't get into trouble, but from what you're saying in relation to the similarities with Oblivion I don't think that's the case.