OnLive Bringing Three Games From The Fallout Franchise To The Service

With the recent release of Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game OnLive unveiled “3 Weeks of Fallout.” From the sound of the advertisement it seems that OnLive plans to launch 3 Fallout titles over the next 3 weeks.

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killcycle2431d ago

If we get Elder Scrolls on it too then damn!

Jaydepps2431d ago

The ones they are bringing were made published by Interplay Entertainment and 14 Degrees East. Although Bethesda owns the rights to series currently so it is hard to tell whether Fallout 3 or New Vegas are a possibility.

sonicsidewinder2431d ago

It's funny, cus up to now i've only ever thought of onlive as a poor-mans console, but seeing that it will also feature classic PC games as well shows (possibly) otherwise.