Microsoft quiet on Lost Odyssey demo

Xbox 360 owners hoping for a demo of upcoming Japanese RPG Lost Odyssey are still in the dark - Microsoft can't confirm if or when a demo will be hitting Marketplace.

Fans of the genre have high hopes for Lost Odyssey, which is being developed by Mistwalker, the studio started by Hironobu Sakaguchi, creator of the Final Fantasy series.

The 360 exclusive, pencilled in for a February 2008 release in Europe, will come on at least four dual layer DVDs, making it the largest game on Microsoft's console so far.

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predator3917d ago

would be great if we get a demo of this before release

Multigamer3917d ago

this will boost sales in japan, its in famitsu top 10

mesh13917d ago

after mass effect and oblvion type rpgs with real time action it wil be hard to get into thsi game but i as a siokuden 2 mega fan if i remebered that was turn based and was awsome i will 100% buy lost oddessy on day release .

Zhuk3917d ago

if they do make a demo, hopefully it will be a good demo that is actually representative of the final game unlike the Blue Dragon one, which was rubbish in comparison to the brilliance of the final product

predator3917d ago

yes, blue dragons demo was horrible and did not repersent the great final product.

Zhuk3917d ago

I had loads of fun with Blue Dragon, one of the best releases this year especially if you are a fan of classic JRPG's like Chrono Trigger. If the Lost Odyssey demo is going to be anything like Blue Dragon's one, I hope they don't release it so people arent turned off

Douchebaggery3917d ago

I don't like being teased when it comes to RPGs.

candystop3917d ago

A demo would be cool but does this type of game really need one.

predator3917d ago

yeah because to get a good feel for a rpg you have to spend a good ammount of time on it, the demo would have to be big

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