The WiiU Can Succeed, Heres How

2012 will be the year that Nintendo strikes first in the next gen console war. While gamers have no idea what Microsoft and Sony’s next consoles will be like, some information on the Wii U has been revealed. Many people have stated their opinion that it’s just too late for the WiiU,but Nintendo can make the Wii U successful.

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Shackdaddy8362430d ago

Agree with everything except multi-touch screen doesn't bug me at all. If it makes the thing cheaper then go for it...

iamnsuperman2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

no multi-touch does limit what can be done though. For the Wii U it may not be entirely necessary to game with but it does limit its "tablet features". Like surfing the web on it might be really painful.

The problem I have with the Wii U. It isn't a mobile tablet and also how good is this console really going to be (nothing really known). There are some gameplay uses for the Wii U tablet but anything outside having map and inventory on the screen there is not much that can be done because they can;t build a game that limits its features as soon as you stream it to the tablet. I can see why it has a tablet (get into the casual market) but honestly are they going to choose a Wii over higher end tablets with app stores and mobility? Defiantly not.

Nintendo need to release some specs and actual games before I say it will succeed or not.

A little note to the article. Subsidised console? I agree if it cost more than 400 they will have to but it depends really on their investors. It can;t be heavily subsidised without pissing them off (they are quite important).

bergoo2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

Why have multi-touch when you also have physical buttons? I don't think it will be limited without multitouch, but will maybe be a little less easy to use.

edit: This may not be a valid point, but, having multitouch also increases the opportunity for miscalculated controls. accidently touching the screen with a second finger, piece of flesh from your hand, even your sweat, will cause the controller to think you meant to use two fingers. At least with the tablet now, you'll have to hold down a button while using the screen to do any alternate moves with the controller.

maniacmayhem2430d ago

Why would you want it to be a mobile tablet? It's a controller for the system and should be treated as such.

If you think the second screen can only be used for maps and inventory then you really have a limited imagination and no design sense.

in the beginning i'm sure we will see only map and inventory screens. But down the line i'm sure devs will start doing some very interesting things with this system.

i hope it does succeed. I've been waiting for a proper system from the big N since SNES.

iamnsuperman2429d ago

@maniacmayhem "If you think the second screen can only be used for maps and inventory then you really have a limited imagination and no design sense."

Think about it. One big Wii U feature is to stream t the controller. So how can a developer make a awesome feature that cannot be used when streaming to the controller. That is why only using it for maps and inventory makes the most logical sense. It doesn't matter if this goes.

egidem2430d ago

"The WiiU tablet is a whole different type of gimmick, and Nintendo is hoping they can once again innovate rather than directly compete against the competition, but is it too late for Nintendo?"

-How is this actually innovation? We already have dozens of tablets, with the iPad being the king of them all. How would this appeal to all other people out there who are already satisfied with what their new tablets can offer them?

4logpc2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

nintendo is using the tablet to stream games from the console, but also use the tablet as a second screen for gameplay. Tablets today cant do that, and no other system can either.

kneon2430d ago

Tablets could do that today if anyone bothered to write the code, there is no magic here. Microsoft could enable this on the upcoming Windows 8 tablets
and Sony could enable this on their Android tablets.

The Vita could certainly do it if Sony want to, they've had remote play on the PSP for years, this is just an extension of that. The Vita is much more powerful than the Wii U controller being a full portable console rather than just a controller so any limitations would be on the PS3 side.

egidem2430d ago

4logpc - kneon just read my mind.

Also Ninty is facing a problem right now. They rode the casual market and banked everything on them. So far it worked brilliantly, as shown by the millions of Wii sales. That is the past now.

In the present, the same casual millions of people have now moved onto portable devices, such as smartphones and tablets. If Ninty wants to steal them back, they are going to have to make the Wii U very convincing. As much as Ninty doesn't want to believe, they are facing competition from the tablet market, if we're talking about the casual crowd.

As kneon said, the tablets have an advantage over the Wii U tablet in being that not only are they readily available on the market, but they can also function as stand alone products - the Wii U tablet can't work without the main system. Even if it were portable, how would it compete in the likes of say an iPad 2, which is currently butchering all other tablets on the market?

Burning_Finger2430d ago



It's not rocket science.

egidem2430d ago

Some Ninty fans might actually like the shovelware, but I get what you're saying.

The thing is, they created a system that incorporates a tablet - the currently must-have thing in the likes of casuals and many people. Not only is the tablet such as an iPad 2 readily available on the market, but it's also a stand alone product - it is not tethered to a system in order to work; like the Wii U controller is. Plus, casual people can satisfy all their gaming needs with a simple app purchase costing a mere $2.99

So the question is, what is Ninty going to do in order to convince these people to get a Wii U? Also, how are they going to convince the hardcore gamers to move onto the Wii U, or convince them to say buy a multiplat on the Wii U instead of another console??

Samus HD2430d ago

one problem with my 3DS is the single touch screen.
why not multi touch nintendo...
and not so responsive i guess - you have to push it harder than the other these days smartphones.
so make it happen with Wii U ( and the other model of 3DS :D)

Shackdaddy8362430d ago

It's a lot more expensive to do multitouch. If they did multitouch, they would have to put more expensive tech inside the screen to calculate where the person is placing their fingers. For single touch, it's much more simpler and they can use less tech and just triangulate where the person's finger/stylus is.

I also think Nintendo is doing a resistive touchscreen instead of capacitive which would lower the cost even more.

Personally, I would rather it be cheaper if they allow the console to support multiple controllers. Just because I don't want to shed out over $100 just so my friend can play with me...

2EHO2430d ago

Noone ever really questioned nintendo as a first party developer. What they need with Wii U is next gen power and third party support. Just imagine this gen if Wii was hd from start and got all the miltiplatform games the others got.

DA_SHREDDER2430d ago

I just don't get how Nintendo continues to ignore their potential when it comes to the internet. Nintendo themed OS. Need I explain any further? The charm and the nostalgia that spews from the big N is unparalleled. It doesn't matter how old you are. Every gamer, casual or hardcore grew up playing or has played Nintendo games. Just imagine Nintendo having all the quirks of a modern tablet and the ps3/360. So much revenue lost due to negligence. So much lost time not spent making this happen makes my hair fall out.

Shok2429d ago

Actually, I agree. Nintendo has missed out on a BUNCH of opportunities when it comes to things like that.

Remember the Wii channels? Nintendo gave us 2-3 new channels, and that was it. They dropped that system completely.

No system update has actually altered the Wii OS in any way. The only addition was an SD card icon to let you boot games of an SD card.

Sounds like they're gonna get things right though with the Wii U.

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