EA: Sony can win the console war

Games Radar writes:

"Forget the talk about PlayStation 3 being in trouble, Xbox 360 pasting the opposition or Nintendo's Wii standing clear of the console war fracas. According to EA main man John Riccitiello, the console conflict is far from resolved, and the spoils could yet be won by any of the three offerings.

"It looked like it might have been a two-horse race," Riccitiello points out - hinting that Nintendo and Microsoft's hardware horses were the ones to watch - "but it's clearly a three-horse race" after PS3's recent increase in stock shiftage.

Riccitiello goes on to explain in his interview with Reuters news that "it's sort of fat city in the games industry". Riiight. But what this cash-flow flush does mean, says EA's bigwig, is that all consoles will see price drops next year. We say: price cuts before the January sales consumes all our hardearned, please!"

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pornflakes3913d ago

First of all EA should make better ports for PS3 users to get back their trust.

EA is a company like Sony.

cloud360-7th_account3913d ago

Ea is a company, sony is also a company yes thats right.

maddogg3913d ago

Like the title says what does EA know about console wars? Well I dont know if I am the only one old enough to remember those comments being said back in 1994 about the 3DO! Thats right back in 94 EA threw 10's of millions of dollars to produce games for the illfated 3DO. At the time they claimed it would beat the Playstation, Saturn and the N64. Now 13 years on they may have just have given the 'Kiss of Death' To the years of Sonys attemps in the console world. You may ask why I suggest somthing so extreme as Sony giving up on consoles. Well heres why. Sony (and Microsoft for that matter) Make nearly £100 loss on every console they sell yet they keep reducing the price to try and sell the consoles. How long can a company who makes less 1st party games than the other 2 companys carry on losing money? Sooner or late someone high up at sony will say enough is enough. I know the last 2 consoles sold more than a 100 million units each but they at least made profit on 90 million of them. yet already 10 million in they are struugling to seel consoles and still making a loss. All I can say as far as EA go is release some actually good games for the wii not just a poor snowoarding game with tagged on controls and poor driving games that haven't improved greatly since Gran Turismo on ps1. Once upon a time EA release games like desert Strike, General Choas and games that actual made people play. Not just an update of players and kits which we get each year with Fifa.

Daver3913d ago

@ maddog

wth are you talking about????
Sony will not stop being in the console market anytime soon...
Btw Sony is making way more 1st party games than M$ and Nintendo together.....

BrianC62343913d ago

Is EA talking about price cuts? It would be great to see game prices drop at least $10. And $20 would be even better. How about it EA?

MADGameR3913d ago

The same would apply to MS! I think MS has the biggest problems and should be trusted the LEAST at this point. All that money you have to spend just to have wifi, watch HD movies, the wireless headset,etc for the 360. Added up is a lot more than the PS3 AND most 360s have hardware failure. NOONE can really say that the PS3 is too expensive IF you want to compare the 360 alone with the PS3. I do not want a 360 at all because #1 Sorry I'm not paying $50 to deal with people's bs on XB Live, #2 So many 360s get the RRoD,I would'nt want to be at 75% risk of getting it and guess what I'll be playing for the 360 while its sent back to MS? NO GAMES! #3 IF you want to compare the 360 with the PS3, the 360 is more expensive! and #4 MOST 360 games are heading multiplat! YES even Halo 3 is not 360 exclusive only for NOW it is! Most of them are either PS3 and PC or with PC as well so yeah. 360 has no AAA game thats exclusive!

Bubble Buddy3913d ago

EA stfu. u wanna come back wit Sony now that they are selling and sales are rising. u disgust me.

ChickeyCantor3912d ago

more like SECOND PARTY titles.

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Meus Renaissance3913d ago

Kissing Sony's butt? Do they know something we dont? They should make better games because I will think 10 times before purchasing their products. I'm sure Sony isn't smiling at them either.

neela3913d ago

Can be the burnout devs have seen something we don`t know, and they have told it to John Riccitiello. Burnout is coming together real nice.

PS3PCFTW3913d ago

EA: gimme good games or STFU!!

jjfunaz3913d ago

This is pretty much a useless article. In one sentance summary: The console war isn't over yet.

People have to stop posting all this garbage

The_Engineer3913d ago

poooor pooooor xbots, Bungie and a bunch of other developers BAIL on MS, PEter Moore pulled the rip cord first long ago,BAch sold a huge amount of MS stock before the RROD announcement, this is not the first time EA has said Sony can and will win the war. Yet delusional xbots are telling us "just accept third place this time around".....the day MS folds the xbox line the irony around here will be so thick you will dynamite to blast throught it.

jjfunaz3913d ago

Your saying this because someone at EA said the console war isn't over yet?

Your the worst kind of fanboy there is. -bubble for you.

nanometric3913d ago

need to win, they just don't need to loose!