EXILE’s Akira and Takahiro become spokespeople for Seiken Kerberos

On November 21st, EXILE’s AKIRA and TAKAHIRO attended a CM presentation event for GREE’s social game, “Seiken Kerberos“.

“Seiken Kerberos” is a card battle RPG that allows players to go on various adventures to build up the strongest force. The first series of the CM will come in two parts: “AKIRA” and “TAKAHIRO”. It portrays AKIRA and TAKAHIRO as heavily-armed courageous swordsmen who prepare for battle.

For the game’s CM, TAKAHIRO challenged himself to try sword battles and horse riding for the first time. He commented, “I was very scared, but I tried my best not to show my frightened expressions.” Meanwhile, AKIRA, who has personal experience with those two skills, said, “I practiced by watching wonderful acting.” TAKAHIRO added, “He is quick-witted and is very capable. I grew impatient while watching him getting filmed.”

The new CM for “Seiken Kerberos” will broadcast starting November 25th.

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Fullmetalevolust2432d ago

Not sure how this is newsworthy, unless you enjoy JPOP and card based RPG's. Meh, pretty nice eye candy.
Anybody still plays the eye of judgement?

Pozzle2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

It was worth posting just for the chill guy with the mustache :D

Fullmetalevolust2432d ago

I agree on both counts, pretty chill looking and awesome 'stache. :)