Why Skyrim isn't for Everyone

Skyrim is one of the most popular games of the year. Capsule Computer's go in depth as to why popularity does not mean a game is for everyone. Follow the link to find out for yourself.

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discordman2428d ago

Such an interesting piece.

I can sum it up with a picture, to be honest.

rezzah2428d ago

No way!! There are a total of 3.5 million gamers in the world.

What a small world we live in.

Right discordman?

discordman2428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

I completely disagree (so much so that I clicked the disagree button with full angst). 6,840,507,000 human beings have been reported to live on earth.

rezzah2428d ago

What was the purpose of adding a whole story about the power of the earth separating into 5 people across the world, each representing a element of nature....

I marked you -Bub for a completely unrelated reply.

And now you edit your comment completely in order to make it address my comment directly rather than some side story for a imaginative game in your head.

What was the purpose?

Darkfocus2428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

I'm one of those 3.5 million launch purchases and skyrim isn't for bored 15hr's in, which may seem like a lot but I have 70+ hrs on witcher 2 and untold amounts on dark souls & demon souls

badz1492427d ago

Like every single game in existance? How shocking/s

MysticStrummer2427d ago

What's a better game to illustrate the point that a popular game isn't necessarily for everyone, Skyrim or CoD/MW? Hmmm...

badz1492427d ago

I am not getting both anyway.

1. CoD - need explanation for this!

2. Skyrim - I know I will not have enough time for it, which will make me regret buying it!

FYI, I haven't played a single RPG this gen aside from Borderlands, which I got for dirt cheap on PSN but I'm not done with it yet although I like it a lot. got a job and a little kid, I feel like it's too "wasteful" to dedicate the little time I have for RPG. :-( took me 6 days to finish 1 playthrough of UC3 and R3 which both took me around 13H! how long will Skyrim take?

Kahvipannu2427d ago (Edited 2427d ago )

My comment exactly. If game ranks 80+ in metacritics, it does not mean everybody loves it. Common sense tells the exact same fact this article tryes to explain.

Tought the article makes good points, some people refer that they are "directed" thru the game, and as badz149 stated, not all have the time to play massive games like this.

There is something for everybody. The world won't end if people enjoy different things.

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JS_CC2428d ago

Really good article. You do make a great point. I have Oblivion and, as great of a game it is, the open world does pull away the focus of the storyline. Sure, a lot of gamers like that, but I do enjoy games where there is a focus on the plot. I also have the same feeling with the Grand Theft Auto series.

That is where I agree with the Assassin's Creed point. It does have a great focus on story and doesn't dilute it to an extent. If the Elder Scrolls games were a little more focused on the story, then maybe I can play them that much longer.

Of course, I still enjoy running around in an open world, just to have a break.

slayorofgods2428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

rpg's aren't for everybody.... If Elder Scrolls was more story driven or action orientated then it would target a different audience; I'm glad it is more geared towards gamers like me while others enjoy Assassin's Creed.

JS_CC2428d ago

Of course. In fact I am a big fan of RPG's. I also like my story driven games as I love a great story, especially fantasy stories.

I grew up with quite a bit of books as a child and that followed me through my life. Fantasy has for quite some time my favourite genre. I bring this point up to show why I really like story driven games.

Now, I do like the Skyrim storyline, since I am a big fan of dragons, even if it involves killing them, but I think I would be more engaged with it if the story is the main focus, not the open world.

slayorofgods2427d ago (Edited 2427d ago )

I hear what you are getting at, but Bethesda has a very unique feel to it in world interaction. I couldn't imagine Elder Scrolls any other way and don't play it for a main story, but rather to do whatever I want.

I enjoy story driven rpg's too, that's why I play Witcher 2. But what Bethesda dishes up is even more epic. If it made strides to appeal to action gamers (see FF13) or anything else for that matter, it would no longer be a Elder Scrolls game. Maybe you have to be a fan of the franchise to get it.

SweatyFlorida2427d ago (Edited 2427d ago )

Elder Scrolls isn't the definition of RPG's though. There's a vast amount of different RPG's in the market, so someone who doesn't like Skyrim may enjoy Final Fantasy, both RPG's, totally different games really.

So Elder Scrolls isn't for everybody, just as you said, it has it's uniqueness that sets it apart, but some people don't like that uniqueness. Someone could love RPG's but not like Elder Scrolls, or FF, or Dark Souls, etc etc.

MysticStrummer2427d ago

@Sweaty - As an old school pencil and paper RPG player I can tell you that Skyrim and the Elder Scrolls games in general are in fact the definition of an RPG. Final Fantasy is barely an RPG in comparison because you're told who you are and given relatively little choice about how everything plays out. In an Elder Scrolls game you can completely ignore the story related quests if you want to and it will hinder your good time very little, if at all. I'm not saying FF is crap by any means, just that it barely qualifies as an RPG when compared to the games that originated the genre.

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Mutant-Spud2427d ago

The console UI is really starting to grate on me, to the point where I'm just not interested in playing.For a start Skyrim is less immersive than Oblivion due to the fact that you have to pause to equip favourited items, in Oblivion they were hotkeyed.
The map is useless, there's also no real overview of your skills and status effects are in a menu instead of on the HUD.
At first I thought the new crafting system was better, it isn't, it's just a drag because it forces you to fast travel, which again breaks immersion.
Potions in Oblivion weighed less than the sum of their ingredients so brewing up a few potions was a good way to lighten the load without having to fast travel to sell excess gear.
Remember the criticism that Fallout3 was going to be Oblivion with guns?
Well Skyrim is something approximating Fallout New Vegas with swords.

Capsules2428d ago

I am way too impatient for this type of game

Neko6082428d ago

I honestly hated both Oblivion and Fallout but Skyrim drew me right in from the get go. It's a lot less tedious and awkward as the other Bethesda games.

rezzah2428d ago

I didn't like Oblivion but enjoyed Fallout 3 a lot. I just didn't finish it after my bro switched the disk with a GOTY edition and my save files wouldn't work with the disk.

I was around half way done and had explored like 70% of the entire game.

LettingGo2428d ago

You realize Fallout 3 is like $8 used, right?

masterabbott2428d ago

Yes RPG's are not for everyone you have to be VERY PATIENT when you play them. And you have to read a lot.

BuT_TeR2428d ago

It's not for everyone because it's developers favor certain consumers.


in the same way that fps favor certain consumers, racing games favor certain consumers, platform games.., etc etc

it's when games try to be everthing to everyone that they turn into the generic trash that we have filling out shelves.

skyrim is not for everyone and I am glad it's not. same goes for just about every other game out there.

koga882427d ago

I'd have to agree with you. I mean, although the streamlining did make it more accessible for everyone else, the title is still a labor of love for the RPG fan out there. If it was too mixed up with random elements it would just turn out to be rubbish.

koga882428d ago

I'd have to say that the game is actually for everyone, they've made the game a lot more streamlined so even those with no experience could pick it up. It's mostly people not wanting to even give it a chance or those who just love their FPS games to death.

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