Nintendo needs to reinvent Zelda on Wii U

MMGN: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is a fantastic game and just the second we’ve ever awarded a 10/10. However, I hope it’s the last that follows the 13-year-old Ocarina of Time framework. Nintendo should reinvent Zelda as they’ve done with Mario and even with Majora’s Mask 10 year ago when it arrives on the Wii U. Skyward Sword would be great way to finish the Zelda series as we know it, ahead of a much needed rebirth.

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EcoSos32404d ago

No it doesn't the game is fine as it is, what about Uncharted 1-3 they all play the same and the 4th wont be any different and it will be good.

ronin4life2404d ago

I personally find it obnoxious that the industry goes after Nintendo for not reinventing their franchises, but gives everyone else a free pass. We've had 3 zeldas spread over a larger time than 3 uncharted games, gears of war, 3...halos (reach and odst count, right?)....(?), and if I'm not mistaken god of war, all of which have been extremely similar to their predecessors.
So lets just go ahead and turn uncharted into a text adventure, gears into an rts(that may actually be awesome...), halo into a racing sim, and GoW into a JRPG. And of course, reinvent Zelda into some kind of adrenaline fueled Gow/ uncharted ripoff. Why not?
Because that would be stupid. It is the minor changes and additions over the years that differentiate the Zelda games, and the reason they are all good is because the core design is solid. Why fix what isn't broken?

Jagsrock2404d ago

The whole reason people love zelda so much is because of the framework it follows. Besides Nintendo always finds a way to keep the basic formula the same while still adding something new and innovative every time. Zelda is one franchise that definitely does not need an overhaul.

jacen1002404d ago

real voices are needed and hd graphics thats about it

stragomccloud2404d ago

Agreed. I'm also sure we'll see another great change in the game anyway. How many games consistently change their visual style and game mechanics? Almost none. Everything they have been doing, has been great so far. But yeah... HD graphics and some voice acting...

2EHO2404d ago

Ok after putting in some time with skyward sword. I'm not impressed. Nintwendo needs to add normal controls for their next zelda game. They need to understand you can't market something to customers and make it mandatory to be played a certain way. They need to give the players options. My wife and I work full time jobs... When we sit down to game for a little bit we don't want to have to do all this motion stuff... Just let people like us have the option to use normal controls. Hate flying that damn bird.

ChickeyCantor2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

"hey need to understand you can't market something to customers and make it mandatory to be played a certain way. "

You need to understand what the words "Game-Design" mean.

"Just let people like us have the option to use normal controls."
Which would kill many game mechanics the current game has.

" My wife and I work full time jobs."

2EHO2404d ago

and this is the reason nintendo will keep losing fans generation after generation

ChickeyCantor2403d ago

`Give it a break.

You said you weren't impressed. Then why do you need a different control scheme?

rexbolt2403d ago

zelda is a card core game you ether play the way they want you to or dont at all if u want quike play games go for something like tetres or maybe some rounds in mario kart u can play a rpg game for a little bit ud never beat it

2EHO2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

Don't agree! Do you know how many people didn't buy a Wii just because you couldn't play any other way. Yes we have a classic controller. But with a game like this IMO you should have an additional way of playing. Not everyone wants to do motion controls(all the time) customization in gaming is important. Give me the option to play the way I want to play. Seriously nintendo make games they want to play and how they want to play them. If that's the case they should sell the game to themselves.

cpayne932404d ago

What Nintendo needs on the Wii U are some new IPs. I love Zelda and stuff, but I don't understand why some people try to defend Nintendo for their lack of IPs this generation, they really should have come up with something like what pikmin was on the gamecube. Zelda doesn't need to be reinvented though, just needs to be bigger with some nice additions, but the formula is good as it it.

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