Where Will The PS3 Rank On The Greatest Console List?

The next generation appears to be looming large and after five years of the PlayStation 3, where would you say it ranks on the all-time list?

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remanutd552313d ago

wow my list goes like this :
1.Playstation 2
3.Playstation 3
4.Playstation / Gamecube

miyamoto2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

Wii = NES
360 = Sega Genesis in terms of popularity in the West
PS3 = SNES in terms of hardware power, quality award winning games and of course the introduction of 3D.

But my favorite among all consoles is first High Definition console - the Mega Drive Genesis!
its where I was born.

Classic Game Room baby!

Godmars2902313d ago

2) PS2
3) PS1
4) Sega Saturn
5) PS3

Derekvinyard132313d ago

nintendo's consoles dont break

DiRtY2313d ago

1 Dreamcast
2 Xbox 360
3 N64
4 Xbox
5 SNES / Genesis

all IMO.

GamersRulz2313d ago

You excluded all the greats in your opinion XD

ReservoirDog3162313d ago

I don't understand how someone can have a list of the best consoles and not have the PS2.

Also, how do you tie the SNES and the genesis? That's like almost blasphemy.

DiRtY2313d ago

I sold my PSX, because i disliked the controller. That is why I never jumped into the PS2 and not in the PS3 either.

Genesis was my first console, but liked the SNES as well. So a tie for me.

Janitor2313d ago

1. NES
3. 360
4. PS2
5. PS3

That's my top 5. The Dreamcast was cool, but the lifecycle and library were just too small to be considered in my top 5.

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