GameSpot video review of Kane & Lynch (that got the reviewer fired?)

GameSpot's (former) editorial director Jeff Gerstmann was allegedly fired due to advertiser displeasure at his "tone" in this review of Eidos' Kane & Lynch: Dead Men. A visit to GameSpot shows that the game has taken over the site very prominently, with backgrounds and multiple banner ads all pitching the game. Allegedly, publisher Eidos "took issue with the review and threatened to pull its ad campaign."

This video review seems to have been pulled by GameSpot and nowhere to be found at its website. It has not been previously posted on N4G.

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jromao3882d ago

Your got fired, but thanks to share the true about the game.

Gamers should not buy the game and GameSpot reviews are now our from my reading. GameSpot = Lies.

AddisonW3882d ago Show
Ghoul3882d ago

@ addison

i really hate insulting people but you sir are stupid a...hole.

that man lost his job ffs you little ignorant.

pswi603882d ago

Talk about negativity. Here is a short summary of the video review:

"Ugly, Ugly, Ugly, Ugly

Impossible, Impossible,


buried deep, whole lot of digging, more than you want to


impossible to care

completely unlikable

not great

so done to death

real crutch

stands out as lazy, just lazy

more than its share of flaws

doesn't work well at all

a real pain, such a hassle

really pretty flawed

all kinds of dumb stuff

really repetitive, really quickly (just like the review)

fairly standard shooter, doesn't live up to standards

take a look but not worth purchase"

WOW....he's one step short of saying this game caused global warming...

mesh13882d ago

ah the same fat swine that gave mass effect 8.5/10 womnder why he got fired eating pies instead of review mass effect is 10/10 or this gen no doubt abotu that no rpp this gen comes close to it

gamesR4fun3881d ago

I dunno but an outfit like this shouldnt be allowed to count on Metacritict 1up 2 for that matter...
Tired of these fud sites what ever happened to getting a real review based on the game rather than how much the game makers are paying you?

myxomatosis3881d ago

....a nine maybe, but it has way to many bugs to be a 10. most of it is just kotor with a new combat system. not to mention the reapers are actually necrons.....

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Tommie3882d ago

I so agree with this guy. The game just looks so awefull.

actas1233882d ago

I agree with the main ideas, but the way he expressed his review is very unprofessional (childish).. and for that I believe he deserves to be fired. However, if Gamespot considers professionalism as a standard for reviewing, firing and hiring then I don't think there will be any one left at that site..

mesh13882d ago

HAHA THIS GAME is basically uncharted with lame grapics they both have the same lam gameplay ive play both so i know

Jamaicangmr3882d ago

Do you really type this crap with a straight face? Some where along the line your "Love for gaming" has evolved into nothing but "Hate for Sony" It's gotten to the point now where your jsut not making sense. Hell whats worst is i don't think you've noticed how stupid your being. Sad really, you can do better mesh1.

MK_Red3882d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

While I kinda agree with graphics, I believe he is plain wrong about story and characters. Lynch is a crazy lunatic but also a funny and awesome guy and the whole thing is really fun. The Fragile Alliance is also really great.

HeartlesskizZ3882d ago

every1 with clear eye vision knows the Graphics are not NG but the gameplay is something new and hard to get used to and that is why he did not liked it at most part. he does not have skills at all to play any games. have you seen the video where he was playing tekken online, he die then said the game was not all that great. and he sure not the right person to named some1 or something ugly.

neela3882d ago

Whats not to like, two mentals running around killing everyone, that sounds like pure fun to me :p Going to pick this one up.

Gamingisfornerds3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

And if all this is true, Eidos shot themselves in the foot with this "stunt" of theirs.

Unless they can prove that the reviewer has an agenda against them or the game, which is quite difficult to say the least, because he's just expressing his personal opinion.

That said, I can understand if Eidos is pissed, because of all the advertising/sponsoring on Gamespot. I think that just shows that you can't sponsor review sites that review your own games.

It's like me telling my boss that his kid sucks at playing basketball when he asks me. Sure, it's my own opinion and I could be completely correct, but it causes awkward situations nonetheless. ;)

Silverwolf3882d ago

In other words, it doesn't pay to be honest!

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