CVG Reviews Medal of Honor Heroes 2

CVG writes:

"Of course, the redeeming feature has to be the multiplayer. It's online only, and will let you browse a list of games and jump right into any that have free slots. That's right, no friend codes. The inability to talk to anyone renders the team mode a little redundant but as a deathmatch it's fast, frantic and makes great use of those silky controls.

So while we can't recommend it as a solo game, there's a lot to be said for the skill-based killage to be had with something that handles this well online. One for Wi-Fi users only."

Score: 7.2

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KeiZka3912d ago

Sounds promising as an online FPS. Now we just need a bit fresher idea for a FPS game... (I still want that RTS, goddamnit!)