What Games Can You Buy On Brand Alone?

Velocity Gamer: Whether it was the publisher, developer, or game franchise there used to be a time when you could buy a game on that brand recognition alone. Are there any brands left you trust?

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ArchangelMike2373d ago

Definately the 'Uncharted' series for me. No need for review scores or anything. Instant must buy for me.

ATi_Elite2373d ago

Half Life
Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War

I gotta have them and like ArchangelMike i don't need any stinking reviews or scores just take my money and let me go back to my PC in utter joy as these games over the years have provided me with endless hours of happy gaming.

darthv722373d ago

has way more to do with purchasing than scores.

Sometimes you cant get people to change their mind on buying a game if they are so inclined because they like the series or something.

Halo, Gears, God of War, Uncharted, Mario (not all mario, just the action platform type), etc...

I was very picky about my RPG's though. I didnt buy into Final Fantasy because they were Final Fantasy. I did buy into the Phantasy star games though. And I really dig anything in the Shining series.

Darkfocus2373d ago

Uncharted was one of those games for me but I didn't really feel 3 was worth $73... The Dark (insert whatever here) series from From Software is one as is Half Life and pretty much any Valve game that's not L4D actually...

blumatt2373d ago

Valve is definitely a great developer. I had never played any of their games but bought Portal 2 (PS3) based on what I had seen of it and I LOVE that game. Now, I know I'll be getting Portal 3 for sure even though it's not been announced.

ArchangelMike2372d ago

The Dark Soul's /Demon Souls's series, definately. I'm sure to pick up the next one regardless.

Blastoise2373d ago

Its funny, the image has a picture of square soft. Back in the day if you were buying a square soft game it used to mean it was probably a great RPG. These days square enix are making any old crap and are going to be holding back parts of FF XIII-2 for DLC.

death2smoochie2373d ago

Any game from Valve is a must buy for me.

GamerSciz2373d ago

For Brands specifically...

Bungie (Halo)
Epic (Gears/Unreal Tournament)
DICE (Battlefield)
Eat Sleep Play (Big fan of Jaffe)
Sony Santa Monica (God of War)
Naughty Dog (Crash/Uncharted)
Polyphony Digital (Gran Turismo)

There used to be more but EA has upset me, as such has infinity ward, activision, and other companies alike.

Again this is just my opinion, I love to game and don't rely on scores nearly as much as I used to.

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The story is too old to be commented.