Early Details About Minecraft For Xbox 360

Here are some early details about Minecraft on the Xbox 360 platform.

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SockeyBoy2403d ago

I've never played minecraft, but i'm always wathing videos on yt out of curiosity. Might pick this up if it plays well on the 360.

Godmars2902403d ago

Why do you need to wait to see how it sells on XBL to decide weather or not to by it on XBL?

Waiting for reviews that say how it performs, that there are any issues that might be game breaking sounds more sensible.

Regardless you could get it for the PC.

No FanS Land2403d ago

he wrote Plays, not sells well on the Xbox.

Focus2403d ago

Reading FAIL Godmars. Lol your mini rant was all in vain

-Alpha2403d ago

Really want this game, but would rather get it for PC

Focus2403d ago

Mkay. Well then, do it.

aoebht2403d ago

Really want this on PS3...

lugia 40002403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

Lol at people disagreeing.

Also the writer spells kinetic instead of kinect, lol.

Noticeably_FAT2402d ago

I never saw what the fuss was with this game, but then again I hate PC and stupid little phone games, now that it's coming to a legit console I might give it a try.